Small Kitchen: Open-Space Makeover

A cramped kitchen wasn't suitable for interacting with guests while preparing meals, but smarter use of existing space opens it up to entertaining many possibilities.


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    • Room to Mingle

      Connected spaces, increased storage and work zones, and updated appliances and fixtures were priorities for this 10x13-1/2 foot kitchen -- and so was a stylish appearance. Thanks to new large openings in two walls, the small kitchen now functions as an entertaining hub that connects with adjoining rooms. Creating pass-through openings joined the kitchen with the dining room and living room and created a bar counter for additional seating.

    • Decorative Details

      Oversize hardware, a rich cherry finish on the cabinetry, and a glass tile backsplash create an upscale look in this kitchen. A bright floral window treatment adds a refreshing splash of color in an otherwise neutral space. Below, a large stainless-steel sink and commercial-look faucet are perfect for gourmet cooking.

    • Make a Statement

      Stronger colors were added as accent pieces and can be changed as desired. This philosophy translated into a fun floral window treatment in the kitchen, a green-glass tabletop in the dining room, and bright pillows in the living room, which is open to the kitchen. Here, floral fabric adds an extra burst of color.

    • Stylish Stock Cabinetry

      Cherry cabinetry now holds everything the homeowners need for food prep and cooking. Extending upper cabinets to the ceiling expanded available storage, which utilizes every available inch.

    • Warm and Contemporary

      A neutral color palette unifies and enlarges the kitchen. Wall paint, backsplash tiles, stone-look ceramic floor tiles, and two patterns of quartz-surfacing countertops each display elegant variations on beige. A chocolate glaze on stock cherry cabinets warms the relaxed space.

    • Integrated Appliances

      Grouping cooking appliances in the same location provides a refined, built-in look and conserves counter space. Cabinetry above the microwave oven stores baking supplies and dishes. Racks and bins corral items in easily accessible yet out-of-sight spaces.

    • Recipe for Success

      Attaching a spice rack to the inside of the door helps this cabinet work even harder at keeping the cook organized. Adjustable shelves inside the cabinet make it easy to customize shelf height as needed.

    • Perfectly Paired

      Within easy reach of the dining room, a 15-inch-wide champagne cellar keeps wine samples ready for tasting. An efficient compressor quickly cools the bottles. Cabinets along the pass-throughs provide a base for much-needed counter space for food prep and allow interaction with guests in neighboring areas while cooking.

    • Little Luxuries

      A champagne cellar to chill beverages is a well-loved luxury in the new kitchen. Featuring stainless-steel pullout racks and a cooling system, the cellar can accommodate up to 15 bottles of wine and champagne.

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      High-Function Fixtures

      Increased space, expanded countertops, and better appliances make for a highly functional kitchen. Here, a powerful sprayer faucet includes pro-style amenities in this kitchen. With a pause button and pullout capabilities, the sprayer easies food prep and keeps cleanup quick.

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      Organize with Inserts

      Slim, built-in dividers add organization to drawers that house linens, gadgets, silverware, and other items. The drawers also feature soft-close hinges that keep the noise level down and little fingers safe from slams.

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      Think Vertical

      Adding two tall cabinets in the dining room makes it easy to store serving pieces and other extras outside the kitchen footprint, leaving more space within for cooking essentials. One unit is for the adults, holding liquor, wineglasses, appetizer plates, and other party supplies. The other unit is the kids' pantry, with plastic dishes, napkins, and snacks.

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      Space Savers

      Lined with base cabinets and quartz-surfacing countertops, partial walls now house additional storage and the new cooktop. Storage-smart drawer organizers, lazy Susans, and spice racks were incorporated to maximize kitchen storage. Here, turntables and hinged doors keep the contents of this corner within reach.

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      Fuss-Free Prep Space

      The most important goal of the makeover was to create an open kitchen with more efficient work space. A deep stainless-steel sink near the cooktop is handy for filling heavy pots, rinsing food, and washing hands. No bending is needed because the sink includes a hefty ledge for propping up pots while they're being scrubbed.

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      Room for Everything

      New appliances were added to suit the homeowners' entertaining style -- and with lots of guests come lots of dirty dishes. Disguised as base cabinetry, an ultra-quiet dishwasher without a center sprayer easily accommodates large stock pots.

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      Mix-and-Match Materials

      Carefully chosen materials guarantee that cooking and food-prep areas are durable and easy to clean. Similar colors ensure a smooth visual flow throughout the kitchen. Narrow glass subway tiles line the backsplash, while two patterns of quartz-surfacing form the countertops for an extra layer of sophistication

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      Mood Lighting

      LED undercabinet lighting, a center ceiling fixture with a large overall span, and track lighting was installed to allow directional light on the countertops and bar areas. Dimmers change the ambience of the dining room and kitchen at the flick of a switch.

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      Well-Defined Workspace

      Moving the cooktop from the sink wall to the opposite wall created a more efficient work triangle. Installed just below one of the pass-through openings, the downdraft cooktop with ceramic-glass surface is easy to clean. The downdraft was critical because the kitchen did not have room for an overhead vent hood.

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