Budget Kitchen Remodeling: Kitchens Under $2,000

Remodeling your kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. These smart kitchen remodels are full of ideas for quick, easy, and affordable updates.

Renee Freemon Mulvihill

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Galley kitchen, kitchen appliances
Gorgeous Galley Kitchen

    Fresh Perspective

    The original galley kitchen looked dated, but its layout was functional. With quick updates -- paint, new cabinet hardware, and a few decorative elements -- the kitchen was brought up-to-speed on a dime. New clear glass panels and a fresh coat of paint on the upper cabinets refreshed the room's style at minimal cost. The neutral color palette complements both the existing black kitchen appliances and the cream-color laminate base cabinets.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $501

Gorgeous Galley Kitchen

    Decorative Accents

    Decorative accessories (affordable additions) dramatically enhance the overall kitchen design, proving impactful updates can be done on a dime. An eye-catching pendant light replaced a dated glass-globe fixture over the sink and adds a touch of drama, while a new bamboo shade provides warmth and texture, bringing together colors used throughout the room. A rug created from durable carpet squares protects the existing hardwood floor from heavy traffic through the kitchen and into the adjacent garage.

Gorgeous Galley Kitchen

    All in the Details

    The warm gray hue on the kitchen walls and countertop trim serves as a bridge between the black appliances and cream-color kitchen cabinets. Grass-cloth wallpaper lines the inside of the glass-front doors and screens the contents of the upper cabinets, providing welcome texture and a hint of modern style.

Small but Stylish Kitchen

    Updated Charm

    Painted white walls and a white ceramic tile backsplash already help this small kitchen live large. In a budget-friendly makeover, newly painted cabinets, chic cabinet hardware, and stainless-steel appliances freshened the look. To further boost the kitchen's style, the laminate countertops were replaced with warm butcher block, and neutral ceramic tile replaced the red linoleum floor.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $1,974

Small but Stylish Kitchen

    Savvy Storage Ideas

    Any extra storage space provides a big impact in a small kitchen. Moving the refrigerator just 13 inches to the right provided enough room to add another base cabinet and more countertop space. Open shelving installed around the refrigerator implemented even more storage, keeping everyday dishware within easy reach.

Small but Stylish Kitchen

    Improved Function

    Empty space next to the range was the perfect spot to add another cabinet. This addition holds a microwave oven and small wine refrigerator, plus its top provides essential countertop space near the range.

Classic White Kitchen

    Bright and Sunny

    Yellowed oak cabinetry and dated wallpaper once left this small kitchen feeling dark and drab. New white paint on the kitchen cabinets and a sunny yellow paint on the walls brought the space fresh charm and made the room feel larger and brighter. A simple Roman shade made from yellow, green, and white lattice-print fabric adds a touch of softness and introduces a cheerful pattern.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $435

Classic White Kitchen

    Complementary Finishes

    The Roman shade's Moroccan-inspired pattern brings a modern vibe to the room, which is enhanced by a new urban-style pendant light. The light fixture's antique pewter finish complements the new satin-nickel cabinet hardware and the existing faucet for a coordinated look throughout the room. The existing sink was in good shape and works well with the white-painted kitchen cabinetry.

Classic White Kitchen

    Backsplash Ideas

    A new white penny tile backsplash replaced dated 4x4-inch tiles and creates a stunning focal point for the room. Honey-color grout adds a sense of dimension and helps hide dirt and stains. Kitchen appliances were still functional and didn't need to be replaced, which helped curb costs in this makeover.

Mediterranean-Influenced Kitchen

    Dramatic Color Palette

    Its design inspired by a trip to the Mediterranean, this kitchen greets visitors with cheerful colors and an inviting dining area. Before the kitchen remodel, the space was stuck in the 1970s and, at 70 square feet, offered little storage or counter space. To solve the space crunch, a wall between the kitchen and dining room was torn down, combining the two rooms into one welcoming space.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $535

Mediterranean-Influenced Kitchen

    Reuse and Refresh

    In a smart and frugal move, the kitchen cabinets that were torn out of the original cooking zone were reused and lined them up along one wall. Kitchen appliances were also saved and reused. The look of the space was refreshed, however, by painting the walls a bright coral and choosing apple-green furniture and accessories for contrast.

Mediterranean-Influenced Kitchen

    Designer Details

    Simple accents throughout the kitchen add plenty of personality. To add extra interest to the kitchen cabinetry, chicken wire and striped fabric were inserted into some of the cabinet doorframes. The old-fashioned look complements the furniture, which is a mix of vintage and auction finds, and adds welcome drama without much cost.

Nature-Inspired Kitchen

    Versatile Neutral Hues

    A fresh coat of paint and new stainless-steel hardware brought these flat-panel oak cabinets into the modern age and cleverly left all traces of the original dated kitchen behind. The hues of green and brown on the cabinetry were inspired by the countryside just outside the rural home; they subtly connect indoors and out and offer a neutral backdrop for colorful accents. New cabinet hardware adds the perfect finishing touch. Glass cabinet doors on upper cabinets at the end of the kitchen help lighten the look and show off favorite dishware.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $1,371

Nature-Inspired Kitchen

    Cheap and Chic Updates

    New matte cream ceramic tile replaced dated laminate along the backsplash for a fresh, budget-friendly update. New 12x12-inch granite tiles bring a stylish look to the countertops, at a fraction of the price of granite slabs, and a new Roman shade created with fun, colorful fabric brings a dash of drama to the neutral color scheme.

Nature-Inspired Kitchen

    Careful Planning

    Kitchen appliances stayed in their original locations, greatly reducing the cost of the kitchen remodel. Most appliances were in good condition; only the microwave over the cooktop was a new purchase. Glass cabinet doors on upper cabinets at one end of the kitchen help lighten the look and show off favorite dishware.

Modern Drama Kitchen

    Upscale Style on a Budget

    When the current homeowners purchased this home, the kitchen appliances, flooring, and black cabinets had already been updated. A few simple design tricks took the kitchen from basic to chic and contemporary. In the remodeled space, beige paint updates once ho-hum white walls, a glass backsplash with multi-hue mosaic tiles adds fresh character, and new laminate countertops with a sleek edge profile replicate the look of upscale solid-surfacing.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $484

Modern Drama Kitchen

    Smart Choices

    A beaded-board backsplash in one area of the kitchen was in good shape, so that stayed in place, while the cracked laminate countertops were replaced with a more stylish, budget-friendly laminate. Fabric scraps from the dining area window treatments dressed up a ready-made Roman shade, which adds a punch of drama at the window.

Modern Drama Kitchen

    Surprising Details

    For a fresh, youthful look, the upper cabinet doors were removed and the back of the cabinets were lined with foam core covered in colorful wrapping paper. The lively design adds color and interest to the kitchen, and the open shelving keeps everything within easy reach of the cook. Dishware in shades of red and white continue the room's color scheme for a cohesive look.

Colorful Kitchen

    Nautical Inspiration

    Before the kitchen remodel, the bland tile floor, dark oak cabinets, and bright white walls didn't offer much in the way of high style. Now the kitchen shows off plenty of personality and a timeless style, thanks to solid maple planks underfoot and bright red base cabinets and a blue kitchen island.

    Total cost (excluding labor): $1,390

Colorful Kitchen

    Money-Saving Steps

    The existing white appliances were kept as a cost-saving measure; plus, they fit in perfectly with the nautical motif of the kitchen. To add a punch of color, the base cabinets were first sanded and coated with a high-quality primer, followed by two coats of enamel paint. After the door and drawer edges were distressed with medium-grit sandpaper, the revamped cabinet doors were finished with brushed nickel hardware for a custom look.

Colorful Kitchen

    Finishing the Space

    A bold, striped fabric on the barstool cushions help pull together the various colors used throughout the kitchen. Beaded board paneling on the kitchen island adds to the room's Cape Cod vibe, while the island's blue paint mirrors the rich hue found on the kitchen walls.

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