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Maybe you have grown tired of your kitchen decor but can't stand the thought of doing away with perfectly functional appliances and cabinetry. Or perhaps your kitchen is woefully out-of-date and nothing but a complete kitchen remodel will remedy the situation. With a smart plan, savvy shopping, and an open mind, it's easy to make over your kitchen. For small makeovers, figure out where you can make the most impact. A fresh coat of paint or changing out a light fixture might be all that is needed to freshen the look. For complete remodeling projects, you'll want to address the "bones" of the room first: layout, wiring, plumbing, and flooring. Selecting cabinetry is another important decision you will have to make early in the process. You will also want to see if there is anything you can recycle from your current kitchen and take cues from specialty magazines and kitchen designers about what to add into your new design. As for shopping, think about how you can use items in unexpected ways -- and don't discount salvage stores and secondhand shops. Stories abound about homeowners salvaging vintage appliances and other interesting kitchen materials, and your diamond in the rough might just be waiting for you. Regardless of the scope of your kitchen makeover, we share examples of successful kitchen redos in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

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