Learn How to Laminate

What makes laminate tricky is that once it's stuck, it's stuck. Get it right the first time with these tips that will help you laminate like a pro.

What You Need:

Kitchen and breakfast nook overall

-- Countertop base material

-- Laminate

-- Handheld jigsaw or table saw

-- Spray contact adhesive

-- Wood spacer sticks

-- Laminate roller

-- Paste wax

-- Laminate trim router with 1/4-inch double-flute bit

-- File

What To Do:

Laminate Step 1Laminate Step 2Laminate Step 3Laminate Step 4Laminate Step 5Laminate Step 6

Step 1: Measure laminate to fit all exposed edges. Cut the laminate with a handheld jigsaw or table saw, leaving 1 extra inch on each side. Spray the countertop edge and the laminate with contact adhesive. Let dry. Press the laminate to the base and roll to adhere. Route the edge using a laminate trim router. Spray the countertop base and laminate with contact adhesive. Let dry. Position wood sticks across the countertop. (This allows you to correctly position large laminate sheets before the sprayed surfaces are permanently fused.)

Step 2: Lay laminate on top of the sticks with 1 inch overhang on all sides. Remove the center spacer stick and press down, smoothing as you press.

Step 3: Continue removing sticks. Smooth and roll, applying significant pressure to the laminate roller.

Step 4: Rub paste wax on the laminate to prevent the router from burning the laminate.

Step 5: Run the router over the laminate edges, working in a clockwise motion.

Step 6: Finish by filing the edges until smooth.