Window Seat Ideas

A bay window is a natural spot for a window seat, but virtually any window is a candidate, especially when surrounding built-ins create a niche.

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  • Window Seat Storage

    Don't waste a square inch of space. Drawers under a window seat near the kitchen make great storage for special-occasion dinnerware or those bulky pots you don't use every day.

  • Cottage Kitchen Window Seat

    A kitchen window seat fitted with a soft cushion makes a great place to wait for water to boil. Shutters provide privacy while still allowing plenty of sunlight. The bright red makes this area a focal point against the crisp white cabinetry and trim.

  • Corner Window Seat

    The corner configuration makes this window seat a cozy place for children to do their homework or enjoy an after-school snack. The big bench has space for everyone -- or room for a reader to recline.

  • Pull Up a Table

    When planning a window seat, consider leaving space for a dining table. When guests drop in, pull the table over for instant extra seating.

  • Beaded-Board Window Seat

    Beaded-board panels add dimension and texture to this window seat. An easy project, installing beaded board provides cottage style and creates a finished look.

  • Dual-Function Window Seat

    A window seat is a great way to hide unsightly plumbing or a radiator. Make sure it's properly vented and allows for easy access to any fixtures.

  • Window Seat Dining Area

    Make the most of a long, narrow space by combining a window seat with a dining table. This configuration allows you to seat more guests or leave the bench empty to enjoy the view.

  • Eating Area Design

    This window seat provides both extra storage and seating. Placing the table perpendicular to the bench enhances the unfitted, furniture-style look.

  • Window Seat Cushion

    Add a soft touch to a storage area off the kitchen with an upholstered cushion on a bench. A window seat is a great way to add a punch of color to a mostly white space.

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    Storage Shelves and Seating

    Built-in bookcases flanking a window seat are great for cookbooks and decorative dishes.

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    Open Seating

    Add function to a small niche with a compact and comfy window seat. The open design accommodates the baseboard heaters below.

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    Relaxed Seating

    Spend afternoons relaxing in a cozy window seat. Fill drawers underneath with your favorite books. An adjoining cabinet and countertop provide a perfect spot to prepare a cup of tea.

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    Upholstered Comfort

    Kitchens are becoming the entertaining hub of the home. A thick, comfortable cushion will draw guests to the window seat, keeping them out of the cook's way. Add pillows for even more comfort and style.

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    Desk Area Window Seat

    This window seat beside the kitchen desk area is a nifty spot to sit while helping kids with homework. Install a sconce above the seat for late-night reading.

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    Beverage Area Window Seat

    Located between a wine glass storage cabinet and a wine refrigerator, this window seat offers the perfect place for guests to sit while you prepare drinks. A thick cushion keeps guests comfortable -- and out of the cook's way.

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    Seat a Crowd

    A long window seat offers plenty of seating for guests to gather in the kitchen -- out of the kitchen's work core but close enough for conversation.

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    Window Seat Storage

    You can never have too much storage. Here, built-in hutches flank a window seat atop three large drawers.

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    L-Shape Window Seat

    Fill a sunny kitchen corner with ample seating for friends or family. A thick cushion and overstuffed pillows add a soft touch and living-room comfort to a hardworking kitchen.

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    Extra-Long Window Seat

    A window seat this size begs you to pull the shades and take a nap after lunch. With storage cabinets on every side, not an inch of space is wasted.

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    Storage is Key

    Plan for the best storage your kitchen can handle. Get great ideas here!

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