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Eclectic Kitchen Ideas

Eclectic kitchens blend traditional and modern elements. Get ideas for mixing styles in your kitchen here.


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    • Oversize Island

      Oversize, do-it-all kitchen islands combine modern function with traditional style. Finished like a fine piece of furniture with turned and reeded legs and a marble top, this island serves multiple purposes, including housing the range. A powerful exhaust fan is always important to kitchen design, but it is especially crucial and takes careful planning when your range is in the middle of the room.

    • Cherry Cabinets

      To keep this eclectic kitchen, defined by stainless-steel appliances, from looking too industrial, the homeowner chose warm-colored cherrywood for the cabinets and natural matte-finish soapstone for the countertops. Note the use of a simple piece of molding to divide recessed cabinet panels for an elongated look.

    • Eclectic Surfaces

      Distinctive surfaces make this kitchen as much a living space as a work space. The vintage-look subway tiles are a good example, with their crackled, textured finish and hardworking practicality. The richly detailed coffered ceiling provides a more traditional look, as does leaded glass in the cabinet doors.

    • Eclectic Country-Style Kitchen

      Inspired by Scandinavian design, this family kitchen employs a pale, delicate palette accented by metallic finishes. Creamy painted cabinets maximize the effect of natural light. Fabrics are warm and welcoming. It's a country look that relies more on calm, clean lines than the collectibles and dark woodwork common in country style.

    • Painted Kitchen Cabinets

      When it comes to contemporary kitchen design, defining a kitchen area in an open loft or great-room can be tricky. In this large living area, the homeowner chose to unify her one-wall kitchen by painting it a soft green and treating the upper kitchen cabinets like a single built-in unit with glass doors. A natural-color wood plate rack and open storage break up the long green wall.

    • Defined Kitchen Work Zones

      To accommodate multiple cooks, the classic work triangle -- sink, range, refrigerator -- has been reworked into kitchen islands with defined work zones. In this eclectic kitchen design, for example, the long celadon-color island divides the kitchen in half with the cooking zone on one side and the cleanup zone on the other.

    • Black Kitchen Cabinets

      Black cabinets form a dramatic backdrop for the maple island and stainless-steel appliances in this medium-size kitchen. The subtle application of a thin black outline on the maple panels forming the base of the island ties the kitchen together.

    • Natural Cork Kitchen Floors

      Many homeowners are looking for ways to connect the indoors with the outdoors. In this eclectic kitchen, a soft green wall color relates to the gardens just outside. Note the earthy (and Earth-friendly) cork floors. To keep the large island from looking monolithic, columns separate recessed panels, dividing the front into three sections.

    • Contemporary Kitchen Finishes

      A rounded stainless-steel range hood serves as the focal point of this sleek contemporary kitchen. Granite countertops coordinate the gray hues of stainless-steel appliances with the warm tones of cherry cabinets. Upper cabinets showcase individual glass panes, creating a visual line that leads to the range.

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      Contemporary Kitchen with a Vintage Look

      Edgy elements with a retro feel bring a bold flair to this vacation-home kitchen. For a vintage appearance, the black cabinetry finish is matte, not glossy, and the doors and drawers are distressed. Sleek, white laminate countertops join the white beaded-board walls and white-painted wood trim for a city/country mix.

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      A Kitchen Where East Meets West

      Japanese and Craftsman influences mix in the kitchen of this 1925 home. The space reflects the homeowner's appreciation of handmade furniture and earthy materials, with warm yellow, sage, and olive dominating the color scheme. The Japanese effect is seen in the shoji-screen-style lighting grid above the island and in the kitchen's curves.

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      Light and Dark Design

      The use of elegant black against lighter colors is the heart of this kitchen's decorating scheme. Architecturally, pilasters, turned posts, and moldings give the island base and other cabinets the kind of old-world detail worthy of a traditional English Tudor home. Everything is bathed in a buttery light from a well-placed skylight and a window bay above the sink.

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      Shaker-Style Cabinetry

      Shaker-style cabinetry may bring to mind a farmhouse setting, but here it works in a galley while respecting the home's vintage character. Tongue-and-groove planks and hefty crown molding replace a dropped acoustical ceiling. A new divided-light door in what had been the laundry room funnels light into this remodeled kitchen.

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      Eclectic Material Mix

      A colorful combination of concrete and wood sprinkles this kitchen with a pinch of Tuscan character. Large concrete tiles in reddish orange cover the countertops, sealed to resist water and most stains. The tiles on the backsplash are concrete, too. Wood cabinetry and flooring warm the space.

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      A Kitchen with a Modern Mix

      Eclectic design speaks to a mixture of styles or periods, and this kitchen illustrates the concept well. The warm maple cabinetry, black countertop, and stainless-steel range would be at home in a contemporary kitchen. Deep crown moldings and white-painted columns are traditional elements. Together, they create a comfortable, contemporary look.

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      Old and New Island

      With support from period influences, an open design transforms the kitchen in this old home while respecting its history. The antique-look island, with its striking red color and detailed fretwork, seems both old and new. The overall color scheme is quiet, making a fine backdrop for a new minimalism in the cabinetry and countertops.

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      Kitchen Remodel Ideas

      This remodeled condominium kitchen is in a 100-year-old building. The owners, both architects, borrowed ideas from clients' homes. The result is a mix of materials including subway tile, glass-front cabinets with brackets beneath, and a professional-style range with a sleek hood.

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