Outdoor Kitchens

You don't need a lot of space for an outdoor kitchen -- you just need your space to be functional. Browse pictures of outdoor kitchen designs, outdoor kitchen plans, and outdoor kitchen essentials for ideas to create a beautiful, functional alfresco dining space. Cooking outside is a welcome change from the usual routine, and it's just as easy as to cook in an outdoor kitchen as it is in an indoor one. Place an outdoor kitchen near your indoor one so it's easy to carry food items back and forth. Outdoor grills, icemakers, and mini refrigerators are popular appliances for outdoor kitchens. Some require built-in installation; others are freestanding and can be moved if needed. And of course, stainless steel has been a perennial choice of materials because of its longevity outdoors. Above all, you will want space to actually dine. The following outdoor kitchens feature creative cooking and dining spaces that will help you focus on what will work best for your family.


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