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Discover the benefits of a kitchen open to other areas of the home.

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One-wall kitchen
One-Wall Open Kitchen

    A single wall of appliances and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is perfect for an open floor plan. A long island houses a sink, keeping the work triangle compact, and holds additional storage. Island seating allows friends and family to stay close without getting in the way. A large arch connects the open kitchen with a dining area. Without walls to separate the two spaces, natural light from the dining area spills into the kitchen, making it feel even more open and light.

Two-Island Kitchen

    This kitchen has it all -- two refrigerators, two sinks, and two islands. All these features could cramp a poorly planned space, but the kitchen maintains a fresh, open feel. White cabinets and light-color walls keep the storage-packed space from feeling overwhelming, and glass inserts in the upper cabinets make the room feel lighter. The vaulted ceiling adds volume, while a skylight adds natural light. The islands add function without closing off the kitchen from the adjoining living room. They also offer storage, prep space, and seating for casual meals.

Kitchen Woodwork

    An open layout doesn't mean the spaces are indistinguishable from one another. Ceiling beams discreetly separate the dining area, living room, and kitchen in this open floor plan. The same wood finish also ties the spaces together: The kitchen cabinetry and island match the woodwork in the rest of the house.

Extra Dining Space

    A connected kitchen and dining area make for easy serving. In this setup, the tables can be easily moved depending on the flow of traffic and the number of people dining. For large events, the tables are removed to make room for mingling, and the island serves as a buffet for appetizers.

Modern-Style Kitchen

    Cabinetry extends to the ceiling in this sleek, modern kitchen. The extra storage gained from the tall cabinets and the central island allows for an open floor plan that flows naturally into the dining area. An open layout complements the clean lines of this hip, urban space. It also works well for entertaining. Guests can easily gather around the island or the table without feeling as if they've left the kitchen.

Open Kitchen with Ornate Details

    When kitchens are open to other areas of the house, it's important to integrate the styles so the rooms don't clash. The ornate French detailing of this home is fluid throughout -- from the kitchen island to the fireplace and the banquette.

Corner Kitchen

    You don't need a long stretch of space for an open layout. This kitchen connects with a dining area that wraps around the corner into a family room. Rugs accent the three spaces.

High-Traffic Areas

    This kitchen is right in the middle of the home's main traffic flow. To keep passersby out of the way, the owners divided the kitchen with two islands and left ample room for a walkway in the center. This layout creates dedicated work zones on each side of the kitchen. Peninsulas that support the Colonial-style columns offer seating where friends and family can gather outside the kitchen but still chat with the cook.

Small Open Kitchen

    To open up this small kitchen in an older home, the renovators created a large pass-through in one wall. The peninsula creates a location for casual seating -- a great alternative to putting chairs around an island when space is limited.

Cottage-Style Open Kitchen

    This small space does triple duty as a kitchen, dining room, and living room. White cabinetry helps the kitchen area blend in so it feels more like a living space than a work space. The wall of windows and doors brings in natural light, creating a comfortable feel.

Big Change

    If you have a small, closed-off kitchen and are looking to renovate, consider taking down some walls. The owners of this old home turned five small rooms into an open kitchen area -- a more welcoming layout when they come down the stairs.

Casual Dining

    A separate dining room is generally found in traditional homes. A kitchen that is open to the dining area is a more welcoming, casual space. In this home, the kitchen opens into both the dining area and living room for an expansive family space.

Open to the View

    A good view not only is aesthetically pleasing, but also opens up a kitchen. In this floor plan, the coastal view is the focal point of both the kitchen and breakfast nook. The windows bring in natural light and give the illusion of more space.

Furniture-Style Features

    With seating, storage, and a marble countertop, this large island seems more like a luxurious furniture piece than a workstation. Open shelving around the doorway complements the painted wood island and enhances the furniture quality. Stainless-steel appliances, range hood, and low-profile stools infuse the space with contemporary style.

Room Redos

    When planning a remodel, make the most of the space you have. This former family room was transformed into an open kitchen with a comfortable seating area. The owners also turned the adjacent bathroom into handy pantry.

Natural Lighting

    This modern kitchen and dining room combo showcases light and color. Natural light from all sides of the house fills the space and reflects off the textured, translucent glass room dividers. Glass-front cabinetry on the walls also adds to the open feel. Neutral tones throughout the space allow the red accents to stand out.

Open Entry

    Expanding an entryway is a great option for opening up a room. A grand archway gives this kitchen more room to work while making it more social and accessible to the rest of the house. The arch also puts a traditional context around a mostly modern kitchen, helping it merge with the rest of the home's décor.

Making It Distinct

    With an open floor plan, the kitchen sometimes feels less like an individual space and more like part of a bigger room. Designed to stand out, this kitchen features wood cabinetry and a bold red backsplash. Stainless-steel appliances and a restaurant-style faucet draw attention to the fact that this is a work space. The seating area at the peninsula transitions the room from kitchen area to living area.

Gathering Spot

    In this open floor plan, the kitchen and dining area are essentially indistinguishable, creating a warm ambience fueled by food and conversation when the kitchen is full, but also a natural warmth from daylight and a wood-burning oven.

The Overall Look

    The kitchen's dominant color is white with dark wood accents on the chairs and lower island countertop. The dining area repeats the dark wood tone in the table, but also features lighter wood shades and natural stone in the fireplace. A light blue wall color bridges the two areas to give the space a cohesive look.

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