Kitchen Workstation Ideas

Whether you want to put the home office in the kitchen or just set up a small desk area, find inspiration from these hardworking kitchen workstations.

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    Complement Your Kitchen

    With any kitchen office, use cabinets that match or complement what's in the kitchen so the space blends in seamlessly. Search home centers and kitchen stores for semicustom cabinets that allow you to pack more into the typically petite workspace.

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    Custom Command Center

    This custom-built desk anchors one end of the kitchen. Blue paint and a zebrawood top make the desk feel like a piece of furniture rather than a bank of cabinets. The kitchen office was built with overflowing drawers and bins so it can easily accommodate filing, schoolwork, the family computer, a phone, a calendar, and a printer.

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    Pretty and Petite

    Crisp white cabinetry, a teak desktop, and furniture-style legs connect this workstation with the rest of the kitchen. The space next to this kitchen's refrigerator was thought to be unusable, but a desk served as a perfect, practical addition. It's a handy spot for handling messages, mail, and bills.

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    Handsome Home Office

    This home office sits right off the kitchen in the former breakfast area. Lower cabinets allow dual workstations at the wall-to-wall desk. Glass-front upper cabinets resemble a hutch and make the room less businesslike.

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    Gorgeous in Green

    Using the same materials as the rest of the kitchen -- dark granite counters and eucalyptus-green wash on the cabinets -- this kitchen office blends seamlessly into a previously unused space next to the refrigerator. Generous storage space makes it easy to stash mail, homework, cookbooks, and important documents.

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    Mighty Message Center

    This corner message center combines practical storage with attractive display space. Laminate cabinets conceal drawers and bins while a bulletin board displays a calendar, postcards, and family photographs. Create a similar design in your own kitchen: pair an 8-inch-deep cabinet with a wall of traditionally sized units. You end up with functional corner space and an ideal zone to stash bills, reminders, and supplies.

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    Perfect Fit

    Nestled between a cabinet and the wine cooler, this tiny desk area offers just enough room to look up recipes and plan menus. The desk area blends effortlessly with the rest of the kitchen by using the same elements: concrete for the desktop and recycled glass tile on the wall.

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    Fun for the Whole Family

    Here, a compact kitchen office tucks into a corner, with just enough space to pull up a stool. Open storage works for sorting bills and paperwork while file drawers organize important documents. Large, deep cabinets above reach to the ceiling, providing even more storage space. Chalkboard panels on the refrigerator invite messages -- and artwork.

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    Space Saver

    An awkward space under a stairway became a mini office in this kitchen. The office uses the same limestone counter and white cabinets with traditional rail-and-stile doors and drawers found throughout the rest of the kitchen.

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    Comfort in the Kitchen

    In this cozy kitchen office, built-in Shaker-style cabinets provide plenty of storage and conceal outlets for charging phones and other electronics. The large desk area allows the homeowner to do work comfortably in her own kitchen. Frosted windows above admit extra light into the office area from the back hall.

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    Beautiful Built-Ins

    In this kitchen, a back hall contains a charming message center with ample vertical storage space. Beaded-board wainscoting and painted built-ins with nickel bin pulls reinforce the kitchen's vintage style.

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    Fit for a Family

    Here, a peninsula next to the banquette functions as the message center for a busy family. It's the perfect place to leave keys, mail, or grocery bags, and it also works as a snack bar or homework haven where mom can easily monitor as she cooks.

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    Fuse Flair and Function

    Built-in storage around this kitchen desk provides space for hanging files, office supplies, and electronics. Wall cabinets with glass panels lighten the look of the area and display collectibles. Fabric-covered corkboard adds function and style to the office area.

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    Pet Friendly

    A corner message center in this kitchen works well for the homeowners and their four-legged friends. A convenient chalkboard makes it easy to leave reminders for the whole family. Below the message center, a shelf houses dog food and water bowls, and baskets below stash toys.

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    Deluxe Desk

    Here, a built-in desk boasts a long granite countertop for spreading out paperwork, as well as traditional-style cabinetry that incorporates file drawers and roll-out shelves. Large, double-hung windows bring in sunlight and give the office area great views of the backyard.

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    Contemporary Design

    This work area was situated on a spare wall just off the kitchen. Open shelving located above the desk area makes cookbooks and other reading material easily accessible. The shelving continues around the walls of the entire kitchen, connecting the spaces.

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    Easy Elegance

    Here, traditional white cabinetry combined with a desk topped with American cherry give the homeowners an elegant space to stay organized. Create a similar design in your own kitchen: Integrate a desk area into a run of built-in cabinets by stepping down 4-6 inches from traditional counter height to table height. Bump in the desk area 3 or 4 inches to allow space for a chair.

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    Out-of-View Office Space

    This home's office space is tucked into an alcove adjacent to the kitchen pantry -- safely out of view of gathering areas so there's no pressure to keep things perfectly neat. The space is used for everything from work to menu planning, and it's also a place for the homeowners to display their Asian antiques.

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    Think Vertically

    Angled shelves mounted on wall brackets and an adjacent cabinet squeeze this petite kitchen workstation into an easily overlooked transitional spot between rooms. The shelves reach close to the ceiling, creating plenty of vertical storage for office supplies.

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    Consider This

    If you're planning on using the space as your home's central work area, make sure the desktop is deep enough to accommodate a computer and other essential equipment; a standard desktop is 36 inches deep. You'll also need easy access to electrical outlets and a phone jack.

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