Colorful Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is comparable to a great piece of furniture. So why not give it a splash of color? These colorful kitchen islands offer stunning work space for hardworking kitchens.

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  • Rich Cobalt

    A blue-and-white color palette is traditonal, but the cobalt island is a bold take on the classic look. Outfitted with display space for a collection of dishware, the island is both pretty and practical.

  • Citrus Bliss

    Fresh, lemony green paint creates a lively atmosphere in this sunny kitchen. White cabinetry and tiles allow the bright island to shine, and turquoise stools offset the citrus hue with another pop of bright color.

  • Chic Charcoal

    Combined with white subway tile and barely-there gray cabinetry, this charcoal gray island feels right at home. Stainless-steel appliances and accessories, plus the matte finish on the cabinetry, creates a chic and contemporary look.

  • Gray-Blue Hue

    A soft gray-blue island looks rustic with its custom woodwork and butcher-block top. Minus a few other pops of color, the rest of the kitchen is white, allowing the island to take center stage.

  • Pick the Best Paint Color

    Learn tips and tricks for choosing the best paint color for your island on the first try.

  • Soothing Yellow

    A soft, buttery yellow on the island is the perfect color to offset the white walls and heavily veined marble countertops. Black hardware adds definition to the cabinetry, and a collection of pottery on floating shelves and hanging on the wall ties the room's color palette together.

  • Seaside Blue

    A slim industrial-style island is a perfect fit in this contemporary kitchen. Bold blue paint on the island and a bright backsplash combine forces to create a fresh place to cook. By adding simple metal stools, the island acts as prep space as well as seating.

  • Energizing Green

    A bright green island brings a cheery disposition to this kitchen. Outfitted with a mini fridge, smart open shelving, and a sink, this island is full of function. A wood top adds warmth to the room and incorporates the hand-painted backsplash tile.

  • Fire Engine Red

    In this kitchen, the red island is the obvious star. A sleek lacquer finish catches the eye and commands attention. Accented by tubular modern hardware and a marble top, the kitchen's bold look is complete.

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    Orange Zest Island

    Citrus-inspired hues are bold, sassy, and full of energy. If you love blazing orange but can't commit your entire kitchen, try it as an accent. Black countertops add the perfect amount of sophistication in this kitchen.

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    Well-Worn Green

    Rustic and well-worn, the green paint on this island is reminiscent of an antique piece of furniture that has endured years of repainting. Stone and butcher-block accents pair perfectly in this country kitchen.

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    Neutral Variations

    Anchoring the heart of this open kitchen, the island's stone color, although muted, stands out against the white walls and perimeter cabinets. Industrial elements, such as the stools, light fixtures, and faucet, mingle with the room's traditional design.

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    Sunny Citron

    Good looks and practicality are equal partners in this gorgeous kitchen. A tempered chartreuse island blends the sunny side of yellow with the vibrancy of lime green for a warm, springy look. The island was outfitted with a roll-out baking station, fashioned in the island's likeness, to make baking a breeze, and the frame is painted the same zingy chartreuse as the island.

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    Viva Jewel Box Kitchen

    White perimeter cabinets and countertops set a clean-lined stage for a playful emerald green island. Open shelving on one end of the island offers plenty of space for bright cookbooks and large display items. Sapphire blue wallpaper with pretty florals adds another splash of jewel tones, creating a color scheme that's rich yet casually preppy.

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    Robin's-Egg Blue

    A large furniture-style island cloaked in soft robin's-egg blue welcomes family and guests into an impressively detailed kitchen. Crisp white cabinets, a zinc range hood, and gleaming chrome pendant lights pop against the blue island, providing a light and bright atmosphere.

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    Gorgeous Gray-Brown

    Fresh color can give a room a hearty update -- without having to be bright and in-your-face. A moody gray-brown island adds a sense of intrigue, taking center stage in this neutral kitchen. Red patterned stool cushions add a burst of energy.

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    Fresh Kitchen

    With clever storage and a bit of whimsy, the asparagus-green island perks up this kitchen. The color also makes an appearance on perimeter cabinets and trim on the built-in shelves. A muted corn yellow colors the walls, and tomato-red and squash-yellow accessories complete the fresh-from-the garden look.

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    Sunny Disposition

    Being bold is all about striking the right balance, and bold doesn't have to be bright. Here, a saturated yet muted golden yellow island gives this pretty kitchen a peppy focal point. The color on the island is a more intense version of the yellow tiles in the basket-weave pattern backsplash.

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    Inky Blue

    Deep, inky blue adds a note of drama to this 1950s farmhouse-style kitchen, and it stands in contrast to the white walls and countertops. A funky chandelier and open metal shelving infuse this composed space with contemporary flair.

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    Serene Scene

    Give an all-white kitchen a lift with a refreshing coat of blue for a classic, pleasing palette with a hint of color. A cornflower-blue island and watery-hue backsplash make this white kitchen feel cheery and full of character.

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