Fresh Ideas for Kitchen Floors

Discover quality and stylish kitchen flooring materials -- from ceramic tile to hardwood to stone -- and stunning design ideas.

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Bamboo Flooring
Beautiful Bamboo

    In keeping with an earthy color palette, the homeowners of this Asian-style kitchen chose honey-tone bamboo plank flooring. The flooring reflects light, which keeps the room bright and airy.

    Renewable bamboo floors come in different patterns and plank sizes to complement a variety of kitchen styles. Bamboo can be stained in a variety of colors; just make sure to use water-base stains and top coats that are labeled as low-VOC emission products to ensure the bamboo stays earth-friendly.

Rustic Appeal

    Coastal color and charm can be found throughout this cool, casual kitchen, including underfoot. Rustic flagstone flooring -- in watery blue and green hues -- complements the soft blue of the walls and the soft green of the island base. The flooring is durable and easy to maintain.

Engineered Wood

    The homeowners of this kitchen opted for a dark engineered wood over a solid hardwood or laminate. The dramatic contrast between the dark flooring and light cabinets gives the kitchen an upscale look.

    Engineered wood can go anywhere in your home, but it's especially handy in rooms where water might be an issue. It shrinks and expands less than solid woods, making it less vulnerable to moisture damage.

Style Underfoot

    A classic checkerboard pattern underfoot adds an urban, designer-style edge to this cottage kitchen. The black and white ceramic tiles also set the color scheme for the room.

    Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular flooring materials in kitchens because they come in a wide variety of colors, designs, textures, and shapes. Plus, they're durable and water-resistant.

Stone Substitute

    Economical, stone-look laminate flooring stands up to heavy traffic in this family-friendly kitchen. Laminate is a smart flooring choice for homes with children and pets because it's durable and easy to clean.

    Today's laminate flooring allows homeowners to mimic the look of hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile for lower cost and less maintenance. An added bonus: Of all flooring products, laminate is the most DIY-friendly.

Hidden Treasure

    During a renovation, the homeowners of this kitchen discovered pine-strip flooring that was original to their 90-year old house. The flooring was hidden under two subfloors and decades-old linoleum. Since the original flooring accentuated the cottage style of the room, the homeowners decided to reclaim and refinish it. The pine strips lend a rustic and carefree look and feel to the space.

Notable Brick

    Antique brick flooring brings charming texture to this breakfast room. The herringbone pattern was intentionally "over-grouted" to give the floor a timeworn look. The brick is a surprising contrast to the rich Brazilian walnut flooring found in the kitchen area.

Classic Material

    In this kitchen, ceramic tile flooring, cherry cabinets, moldings, and small-pane windows nod to the home's 50-year-old heritage. The ceramic tiles are hard-wearing, and their reddish hue warms up the space.

Seal Your Stone

    Large slate tiles laid on the diagonal emphasize the width of this kitchen. The tiles provide a sound, stylish surface underfoot, and the color hides dirt, pet hair, and more. To maintain the flooring, the homeowners reseal it with a matte-finish product once a year.

    The type of stone you choose and where you lay the stone in your house will determine if you need to seal it. Sealants and cleaning products vary depending on the stone type, so check with a stone retailer or manufacturer for specific recommendations.

Comfort Underfoot

    Natural cork covers the floor in this eclectic kitchen. Randomly placed colored cork tiles add interest and establish a color scheme for the room. Cork flooring is quiet, durable, and cushiony underfoot, making it easier on your joints.

    Though it costs roughly the same as hardwood, solid-cork flooring has a distinct ecological advantage: sustainability. Cork trees take just nine years to regenerate while other trees can take 30 years or more.

Natural Beauty

    Oak flooring -- in an ebony stain -- anchors this elegant kitchen and provides contrast to the white walls and cabinetry.

    Wood flooring lends unmatched warmth and character to a room. If you decide to put wood flooring in the kitchen, keep in mind that solid woods are vulnerable to moisture. Place a rug near the food prep and cleanup zones to catch water and food spills.

Casual Finish

    Honed limestone tile flooring and granite countertops contain the same earthy colors seen outside the kitchen windows and define the color scheme for this kitchen. These elements complement the room's farmhouse style.

    Consider a honed or matte finish if you choose limestone flooring for your kitchen. This type of finish gives a room a more relaxed look and feel. It also hides scratches, requires little maintenance, and provides more traction when wet.

Cool Concrete

    Concrete is central to this kitchen's clean, contemporary style. The kitchen has concrete countertops, island base, and flooring. The concrete floor features radiant heat to keep feet comfortable and cozy. The rich wood cabinets, glass mosaic backsplash, and limestone accents keep the room from feeling cold and industrial.

    Concrete is a great flooring option because it has the ability to take on many different colors, shading, patterns, and sheens. It can even be fashioned to resemble various kinds of stone. Concrete is budget-friendly but requires periodic sealing.

Fun Color Underfoot

    In this kitchen, a mint-green range cues the color scheme, and the flooring follows suit. Linoleum flooring carries the color scheme underfoot throughout the kitchen and into the eating area.

    Linoleum flooring is made of natural raw materials, and it's available in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you select linoleum flooring in your kitchen, note that it needs to be resealed annually and it cannot be left wet. Place rugs near food prep and cleanup zones, and wipe up spills immediately.

Stunning in Slate

    Slate flooring -- in varying hues of brown and blue -- is durable, easy to clean, and eye-catching underfoot in this kitchen.

    Slate is durable, easy to care for, and one of the more affordable stones, making it a smart flooring choice. Plus, its rough finish is slip-resistant and disguises dust and dirt.

Warm Cherry Flooring

    Brazilian cherry flooring and mahogany cabinets balance the bright green upper cabinets and colorful tile backsplash in this funky kitchen. The dark flooring and cabinetry ground the apple-green color scheme and maintain the room's formality.

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