Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is an especially noticeable characteristic in the often-used space of a kitchen. Find the material that is right for your kitchen's style and for your budget by reading our buying guides and taking our flooring finder quiz. If you are a serious cook and spend a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen, one key consideration is to find materials for kitchen flooring with a cushioning effect such as wood, laminate, cork, and vinyl. Brick, ceramic tile, and stone are durable but hard to stand on for extended periods of time without a cushioned mat on top. Another tip about making the right kitchen flooring selection is to look for materials low in maintenance and high in durability. Think about the time you have for cleaning and maintaining your kitchen flooring. Know that high-maintenance flooring might look great, but it also requires pampering to stay that way. Finally, select kitchen flooring complementary to the cabinets, wall coverings, furniture, and other design elements in the room. Wood blends into any decorating scheme, and there are a variety of eco-friendly options such as bamboo and engineered wood that up your style quotient. Laminates and vinyl are ideal choices if you're after a patterned or colorful contemporary look. And stone and concrete add fun to a neutral or tone-on-tone color scheme.


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