Eat-In Kitchens

An eat-in kitchen is multitasking at its best. Not only does it provide a place for friends and family to hang out while dinner is being made, but an eat-in kitchen can also double as an additional food prep area. Plus, eat-in kitchens aren't limited to one configuration or another. You can simply add a kitchen table and chairs to a breakfast nook or open floor space. The most important considerations for an eat-in kitchen configuration are proportion and scale. If you don't have ample space, an oversize kitchen table set might make your kitchen look cramped. One that doesn't fit proportionally to the space can make the room feel empty. Banquettes are often used in eat-in kitchens. Some resemble a restaurant booth with a built-in table and seating. Others make good use of built-in windows and wall seating on one side of the table and chairs on the other. Banquettes also provide additional storage for eat-in kitchens. Islands maximize square footage by acting as both an eating area and a food prep station. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your family's lifestyle and which option your kitchen can accommodate.


Our Favorite Eat-In Kitchen Ideas
Banquette for Less

Transform stock cabinets into a stunning banquette.

Breakfast Room Banquettes

Create a comfy seating area in your breakfast room with a beautiful banquette.

One Kitchen, Two Budgets

How much is your dream kitchen going to cost?

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