White Kitchen Design Ideas

White kitchens are timeless, bright, and versatile -- white works in any style.

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White kitchen eating area
White Kitchen with Colorful Accents

    Slick white kitchen cabinets reflect the intense red wall color in this remodeled kitchen, made even bolder by the glass tabletop with chrome accents, large framed artwork, and open shelving for glasses. Brazilian cherry flooring lends an earthy touch to the otherwise ultramodern space.

Black and White Kitchen

    Basic black and white evoke a formal feeling, an effect reinforced in this kitchen by classic columns at the ends of the island and echoed by smaller columns on the base cabinets. Softly upholstered chairs extend the theme, but the whimsical checked pattern on the fabric adds a touch of fun. Black walnut flooring ties together the black-honed granite countertops and chair bases.

Classic White Kitchen

    Color plays a big part in creating an established feeling in a new space. Here, warm khaki on the walls, cabinets, and peninsula base complement classic white countertops, tile, and trim. The marble countertops -- white with black veining -- reflect a lightness that opens the space visually, while the layout links the kitchen to the dining area across the peninsula.

White Kitchen with Blue and White Accents

    Accessories are sometimes the key to interesting color in a kitchen, especially when they play off of fixed elements the way they do here. Blue Willow china collectibles look pretty against the white marble countertops and white mantel-style range hood. Fabric-lined glass doors repeat the theme, while checkerboard tile flooring and blue stool tops tie the look together.

Kitchen with Warm Neutral Colors

    An all-white space can lack personality and charm, so when these homeowners remodeled their kitchen, they decided to add subtle character with color and texture. Buttery paint and a coffee-color glaze give their cabinets a must-touch finish, and vanilla-glaze subway tiles create a warm backdrop. They added a high-gloss granite countertop and left the oak plank flooring in place.

Bright, White Kitchen

    Natural light plays as big a part as paint color to brighten this kitchen/dining room. A set of three south-facing windows above the kitchen sink brings in light and views, resulting in an open feeling made even more spectacular by light streaming through the patio door. Creamy white paint and blond woodwork complete the effect.

White Country Kitchen

    Sleek, stainless-steel appliances benefit from cottage-style comfort thanks to this kitchen's white wood cabinetry and butcher-block topped center island. Beaded board, glass-front upper cabinet doors, and crown molding also add a cozy touch, softening the brawny style of the professional six-burner gas range and built-in refrigerator.

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