Beautiful Kitchens with Natural Colors

This varied collection of kitchen designs showcases excellent use of color and a range of styles.

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beautiful kitchen
Mediterranean-Style Kitchen with Earthy Colors

    This homeowner studied cooking in Italy, and she wanted her kitchen to feel like the ones she'd experienced there. Tumbled-marble floor tiles, an orange marble countertop, and knotty pine cabinets create an earthy look.

Irish Country Kitchen with Distressed Finishes

    These homeowners wished for a traditional Irish country style that would subtly reflect their ethnic heritage. Past-perfect patinas on the kitchen furniture, such as the black painted and distressed island base, bring about the look, as does the pigmented plaster on the range hood decorated with a Celtic stencil.

Modern Kitchen with Warm Wood Tones

    Bright efficiency defines this wood-wrapped kitchen. The dominant material is Brazilian cherry kitchen cabinetry and complementary wood flooring. Creamy yellow walls provide a subtle contrast but mainly function to emphasize the warmth of the wood and introduce a sunny theme.

Bright White Kitchen with Dark Contrasts

    Traditional white cabinetry and crackle-finish tile bounce light around this enclosed kitchen. The only window is made of leaded glass, which brings in the daylight. A coffee-color oak floor and the lightly distressed black island base provide contrast.

Contemporary Kitchen with Rich Natural Tones

    An exquisite mix of surfaces and colors blends to proclaim a clear contemporary statement in this remodeled kitchen. Walls of glass show off mahogany, maple, quartzite tile, limestone, and stainless steel. Together, they make a high-style decorative impact.

Kitchen in Maple and Stainless Steel

    The couple who remodeled this kitchen like contemporary furniture imported from Denmark, and that style and color preference shows clearly. Maple cabinetry trimmed in Sapele mahogany sets the tone, complemented by soapstone perimeter countertops, a laminated-glass backsplash, and wicker baskets.

Modern Kitchen with Steel and Wood Elements

    Lightly stained maple flooring and Larch wood cabinetry set the scene for contemporary elegance in this one-wall kitchen. Stainless-steel countertops and accents reinforce the sleek, no-clutter look. The elevated wood slab eating counter lightens the room.

Kitchen with Rustic and Modern Tones

    Earthy salvaged bricks viewed behind sleek stainless steel exemplify the combinations of color and texture that appear here. The travertine floor tiles below an antique wood breakfast table also show how diverse materials can work together in an eclectic kitchen.

Creamy Country French Kitchen

    A mostly coffee-and-cream color scheme brings the kitchen in a '60s ranch in line with the country French character in adjacent rooms. The taupe-glazed cabinetry sets up a smooth background for the island's rough work surface.

Kitchen with a Neutral Color Scheme

    A neutral, pale color palette keeps with historic Charleston, South Carolina, where homes like this one date back to 1780. Intentionally, no single color jumps out at you, yet a feeling of warmth and elegance pervades the room.

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