Neutral Colors

Create a neutral kitchen that has just as much pizzazz as one filled with color. The biggest advantage to a neutral kitchen is that it can be adapted to any style, from traditional to country to contemporary. Earth tones and the warmth of wood and stone, along with the rich patina of various metals, combine to set a harmonious mood. And white kitchens are always popular and are anything but boring when enlivened with interesting textures and finishes. Another advantage to neutral kitchens is that an entirely different room is created each time you change your accessories. Swap out vases and linens to correspond with the seasons, or update your decor with the latest color trends. The neutral color scheme simply becomes a backdrop for showcasing prized china and colorful souvenirs or collections. While color enlivens a space, neutral kitchens exude subtle elegance. And whereas colorful kitchens can compete with natural light, neutral kitchens reflect it, actually brightening the room. As you can see from the photos of neutral kitchens featured here, a neutral color scheme can visually enlarge a space; design elements in the small color family blend together.


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