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Stylish Stock Cabinetry

Save money in your kitchen by using high-quality stock cabinets instead of custom cabinets. See the variety of styles to choose from here.


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    • Maple Stock Cabinets

      Choosing high-quality KraftMaid maple stock cabinetry with full-extension drawers in a rich cognac color only cost $7,780. The moderately priced cabinets saved room in the budget for a granite countertop on the island.

    • Space for a Rolling Cart

      Instead of installing another base cabinet, this homeowner used an open space at the end of a run of cabinets to house a rolling cart topped with a cutting board.

    • Stock Cabinetry Storage

      Stock cabinetry and creative storage solutions don't have to be mutually exclusive. These cabinets feature full-extension drawers and nifty storage extras such as this pullout for spices.

    • Pricey-Look Stock Cabinets

      The decision to use stock cabinets from IKEA rather than custom-made cabinets instantly cut costs by $20,000, says this kitchen's owner and designer. The cabinets added just $3,000 to the budget. Glossy black granite counters make the inexpensive cabinets look like pricey European imports.

    • Cabinetry Details

      A false wall behind these pantry cabinets nudged the units forward, making a freestanding refrigerator look like an expensive built-in. For a fraction of the cost of brushed stainless steel, brushed aluminum pulls contribute to the kitchen's clean, linear look.

    • Frosted-Glass Cabinet Doors

      Aluminum-frame cabinet doors coordinate well with stainless-steel appliances. Frosted glass, because of its see-through quality, keeps wall cabinets from imposing on the sense of space.

    • Save with Stock Kitchen Cabinets

      Selecting stock cabinetry from Diamond Cabinets meant significant savings in this kitchen renovation. The cabinets added only $9,800 to the budget. The kitchen's new dining peninsula gives the family a spot to enjoy casual meals. Opting not to include base cabinets makes the peninsula more like a table.

    • Mixed Cabinet Storage

      Open storage breaks up a solid bank of cabinetry. An organizer cabinet on the end of this upper run of cabinetry hides keys, a magnetic board, and other items.

    • Stock Tambour Door

      A goal of this remodel was to pack in every inch of storage possible. A tambour door stores cereal out of sight -- but easily reachable by children

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      Contemporary Stock Cabinets

      A mix of beige and white cabinets from IKEA cost a mere $3,220 in this kitchen makeover, making room in the budget for a few higher-end features, such as flush-set appliances, recessed undercabinet lighting, and hidden outlets.

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      Creative Cabinetry Adjustments

      Choosing stock cabinets might require you to make creative adjustments, which often turn out for the better. Here, the range was too narrow for there to be four horizontal wall cabinets, and too wide for there to be five. So the homeowner left a space between units and finished it with beige end panels and mosaic tile for a jazzy spice-storage cube.

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      Pullout Pantries

      Pullout pantries combine fixed and movable units that can be accessed from two sides. The cabinet doors on this refrigerator wall are the same glossy white, while the kitchen's other walls are a mix of white, beige, and frosted-glass doors.

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      Custom Look without a Custom Price

      Although the cabinets in this kitchen have a custom look, they are all standard sizes. At $12,000, the cabinetry also didn't have a custom price tag. The homeowners chose warm cherry wood because of the different tonal values in the graining.

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      Pullout Shelves

      Pullout shelves make these deep base cabinets more efficient. Dividers for pots and pans, a recycling center, a pullout spice rack, and undersink add-ons pack in discreet storage.

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      Bar Area with Stock Cabinetry

      This bar area combines open and closed storage, wine bottle and glass racks, and ribbed-glass cabinet doors. Made entirely of stock pieces, the custom-look bar area is perfect for parties.

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      Stock Cabinetry with Storage

      White stock cabinets from Ultracraft added only $6,718 to this kitchen's makeover budget. Expanded storage, such as the corner cabinet with a tambour-door appliance garage, keeps clutter out of sight in this small kitchen.

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      Built-In-Look Fridge

      Boxing in the refrigerator with a pantry closet on one side and drywall on the other gives it the look of a pricey built-in unit. Cabinets above make use of often-forgotten space.

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      Extra Cabinets

      To boost storage space and alleviate pressure on the kitchen, these homeowners added a bank of cabinets along one wall in the dining area.

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