Kitchen Cabinet Wood Choices

Which is your favorite? Browse this slide show for a look at dark, medium, and light wood cabinets for kitchens.

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KitchensFeb05_Dark Wood Cabinets In White Kitchen With Wooden Floor and Rectangular Dining Table
Dark Wood Cabinets

    Cabinetry in rich, dark wood tones can give a kitchen a rich, upscale feel. These have clean lines and simple details -- perfect for a contemporary look with a more formal edge.

Dark with Detail

    Add warmth to dark wood cabinets by using warm wall colors and details. Pale golden walls and oak flooring add that warmth while a touch of black (on the island) is a nice balance to the wood.

Contemporary Dark

    Distinctive stainless door handles give these dark cabinets a sleek look, while granite countertops and rattan bar stools provide some much-needed contrast.

Medium-Toned Wood

    Honey-colored wood cabinets surround a kitchen in warm wood tones. These cabinets also blend well with neutrals including limestone and golden-hued tile and granite.

Wood Contemporary

    A mix of straight and curved lines sets this kitchen apart. Contemporary lighting and the curved glass-topped island signal modern, designer style.

Medium Wood Slick

    A neat black edge on the top and bottom give these plain-front cabinet doors a twist. Notice too how the cabinet hardware has been mixed, using round knobs on some drawers, and wavy stainless handles on others.

Light Pine

    Knotty pine gets a fresh look with red stone countertops and fully tiled walls. Pine can be a budget-friendly choice for cabinets, though the look can be a bit rustic, due to the unpredictable graining of the wood.

Light with Color

    Deep wall color, as well as a distinctive chair fabric, offers lots of color in this light wood kitchen. To counter an "all-wood" look, the wood floors were embellished with black diamonds.

Lightly Speaking

    A variety of neutral and pale wood tones can create a light and airy kitchen look. Be sure to anchor with a few deeper tones like the wrought iron chairs and black accents on the stove.

Mixed Use

    Though white cabinets fill the perimeter of this kitchen, it is the wood island that adds some personality to the center of the space.

Wood Island

    Create more interest in a white kitchen by installing a few cabinets in a different color or wood. This wood island and plate rack make the sink area a focal point.

Wood and Cream

    This wood island and china hutch in the far corner pair well with painted cabinets. The honey wood tones are picked up in the flooring, chair seats, and copper pots.


    Simple lines and medium-toned woods blend an open-plan kitchen into the adjoining family room. Matching the wood cabinet color to the flooring is a great technique to use when you'd like to seamlessly merge a visible kitchen into a larger space.

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