Cabinet Styles

Cabinetry is a prominent feature in any kitchen. It takes up most of the wall space and is essential for kitchen storage. Discover the types of cabinetry available, plus different features and style options available. Read our buying guides to learn about kitchen cabinetry construction and what to look for in quality cabinets. Find the perfect style of cabinets for your kitchen by asking yourself what decor style suits you and your home. Are you a modernist who loves color and isn't afraid to let your personality shine? Then you'll love the sleek European appearance of sheet-glass and lacquered cabinet styles. Interestingly, a good-quality laminate with a high-gloss finish can also produce the same results. Perhaps you are drawn to the edgy, industrial warehouse style. Stainless-steel cabinet styles, alone or mixed with wood cabinetry with barn-style doors, will help you get the look right. For traditionalists, the selection ranges from Shaker-style cabinetry to cathedral and arched cabinetry to raised and recessed panels. And if you're after a vintage vibe, cabinet styles featuring decorative molding and beaded board suggest the look of times past.


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