Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Adding style and drama to your kitchen is easy with a colorful backsplash.

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New Twist on a Classic Style

    A tiled wall brings color and drama to the range area in this kitchen. Because there is no upper cabinetry on the wall, the brightly hued tile takes center stage. While the tile's bold citron hue introduces modern flair, the subway tile shape exudes a classic vibe.

Beaded-Board Backsplash

    A beaded-board backsplash gives this newly remodeled kitchen a warm, cottage feel. Painted a robin's-egg blue to match the island, the beaded-board panels add distinctive texture and soothing color. The soft blue-green hue cools the warmth of terra-cotta floor tiles and pops against white shelving and cabinetry.

Design Inspiration

    Sometimes backsplash tile can provide inspiration for the rest of the cooking space. Playful ceramic tile with yellow diamonds and green swirls inspired this kitchen's bold colors and cheerful mood. To match the tile's yellow hue, the base cabinets were painted mustard yellow. The warm off-white tone of the upper cabinets keeps the bold yellow hues from overpowering the room.

Soothing Mosaic Tiles

    This glass backsplash features tiny mosaic tiles for simple and contemporary style. The small-scale pattern adds interesting texture but seamlessly blends with the other kitchen elements. The tile's soft blue hue is inspired by nature and offers the ideal complement to glass-front cabinets backed by windows.

Seamless Color

    For a sleek and sophisticated look, consider selecting the same material for the backsplash and countertops. In this kitchen, red quartz surfacing brings its stylish and durable finish to walls and counters for a seamless swath of color. The deep red hue provides a bold contrast to pale gray kitchen cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances.

Soft Color

    Color doesn't have to be bright and bold; soft hues on the kitchen backsplash can help you create an inviting and calming atmosphere. This kitchen's buttery-yellow tile warms up the room, offering a gentle contrast to pale gray kitchen cabinetry. Beveled brick tiles add interest and texture -- a fresh take on standard subway tile.

Color and Texture

    Three-dimensional tile gives this glass backsplash textural appeal, while the bold red hue presents a punch of drama. The contemporary, rectangular tiles offer a welcome contrast to flat-front wood cabinetry and set a unique tone for the cooking area.

Striking in Blue

    When a color works for you, why not stick with it? Various shades of blue ceramic tile on the backsplash coordinate with the blue range. Walnut cabinets around the range offer contrast from the various shades of blue, while a strip of glass mosaic tile above the range repeats another backsplash treatment used at the side of the kitchen.

Horizontal Lines

    Ceramic tile in nature-inspired green hues creates a striking backdrop for this kitchen's open shelving. The long, narrow tiles look handmade and mimic the detailed craftsmanship found in the rest of the 1928 Craftsman home. Bringing the tiles all the way to the ceiling provides seamless style and increased drama.

Playful Pattern

    A colorful backsplash with a diamond motif gives this traditional kitchen a relaxed and cheerful vibe. The strong pattern of the backsplash works well when set amidst kitchen cabinetry with relatively simple lines and details. The tiles' green and white hues are repeated in kitchen accessories and trim to give the room a unified look.

Purple Pizzazz

    Although purple isn't a common choice for kitchens, it certainly works in this cooking zone. The mosaic glass backsplash blends various shades of purple and gray tile, adding an eye-catching pop of color amid the traditional cherry-stained kitchen cabinetry. Adding bold color with wall treatments, backsplashes, and light fixtures is a smart strategy; you can change the color later with minimal remodeling cost.

Dramatic Accent Wall

    Green subway tiles lend visual weight to this kitchen's primary cooking zone. The pairing of the tile's traditional style and its glossy finish showcases the kitchen's unique blend of old-world warmth and contemporary style. To avoid overpowering the space, the glossy green tile is limited to one wall of the kitchen; a low marble backsplash accents the adjacent sink wall, continuing the veining pattern of the kitchen?s marble countertops.

Glass Reflections

    This kitchen's backsplash was painted green and then covered with sheets of glass, for a look that adds refreshing color and drama to a room filled with neutral maple-laminate cabinets. The glass reflects light from the windows and makes the space feel lighter and brighter. The wasabi green hue was inspired by the varying shades of green in the nearby woods; it provides a strong accent color but doesn't overshadow the other elements in the room.

Unique Color Combinations

    Showcasing apple-green and white ceramic tile, this lively backsplash pairs contemporary energy with a traditional look in the basket-weave pattern. To cut costs and avoid overpowering the room, the tile was installed only on the lower portions of the kitchen's walls. Small-scale tiles maximize pattern and texture within the relatively limited wall area.

Warm Reds and Golds

    If you use a variety of colors in your kitchen, the backsplash can be a great way to bring all those colors together and unify the space. This kitchen features traditional Arts and Crafts reds and golds, all of which make an appearance on the backsplash. The tile's warm hues complement each other and offer a crisp contrast to the surrounding white cabinetry.

Unique Design

    A custom backsplash above the range or cooktop functions as a dramatic piece of art for any hardworking cooking area. In this geometric design, blue and white Mexican tiles showcase a classic color combination and mimic the hues of the home's ocean setting. Adding decorative tiles above the range and tiling the rest of the backsplash area with plain ceramic tile or beaded board also can help extend your kitchen budget.

Shimmering Backdrop

    A mosaic glass tile backsplash adds inviting texture and shimmer to any kitchen. Use a mix of colors for a lively backdrop or stick with one hue for a more sophisticated look. Showcasing warm red, orange, brown, and white hues, this glass backsplash adds warmth to the white kitchen and offers versatile style -- its mix of colors would look good with wood cabinets or painted white cabinetry.

Glass Blocks

    This glass backsplash is stylish -- and eco-friendly, too. The tiles are created from glass that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. A random pattern of green, yellow, and blue tiles adds visual energy to the room and provides dramatic pops of color amid the kitchen's predominantly neutral hues. Installed in an area above the range, the tiles create an eye-catching focal point for the cooking area but don't overpower the room.

Quilt-Inspired Pattern

    The backsplash area, particularly the space directly above the range, is a great place to add a custom tile design that shows a bit of your personality. This homeowner has long admired Amish quilts, so she asked her quilter friends to design her backsplash. The handmade ceramic tile accent pieces mix with plain field tile to create a subtle pattern that adds visual interest without taking too much attention away from the surrounding yellow cabinetry.

Subtle Sheen

    For a custom look, pair a centerpiece medallion with distinctive tiles over the range. In this kitchen, blue and gold tiles with a luminous sheen surround a diamond-shape medallion, stylishly pairing texture and pattern. The soft hues and reflective quality of the tiles subtly stand out from surrounding kitchen cabinetry.

Custom Blend

    For a unique backsplash with an array of color and pattern, consider mixing tiles of varying hues. Eight colors of ceramic tile installed in a random pattern embellish this kitchen?s backsplash. To give structure to a free-flowing pattern like this one, select tiles of the same size and shape, and make sure no two tiles of the same color ever touch.


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