Selecting an Iron

The right iron can help make ironing faster and easier.
Iron Basics
Built-In Ironing Board

Even with the rise of cotton-blend and synthetic fabrics, typical households still have ironing chores. If you or your family members wear dress shirts or uniforms to work or to school, ironing them yourself, at least some of the time, is a money saver.

The cost of an iron can range from $10 to $100 or more for top-of-the-line, handheld, cordless steam irons. European manufacturers design and market expensive specialty irons, yet their lines often include a few moderately priced models sold in discount stores.

Though rarely used anymore, the most basic iron, called a dry iron, has a flat soleplate with a heat-generating electrical element.

The most common and versatile iron, and the one you will no doubt want to buy, is a steam iron. Usually the more features your steam iron has, the easier your ironing task will be.

See page 2 for a list of steam iron features.

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