Selecting a Dryer

Find out what features to consider when you buy a new clothes dryer.
Dryers 101
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A great dryer will help you get the laundry done faster and with minimal hassle. While there are many choices of features, here are some of the basic ones to look for.

Consider energy costs as well as basic and special features when you purchase a clothes dryer. The main consideration points for a dryer are the same as those for a washer.

Dryers measure from 24 to 33 inches wide. For loading and unloading, allow about 42 inches in front of a dryer.

Look for pedestal bases which will raise your dryer off the floor by about 15 inches. These bring the appliance closer to standing height and should require less bending and reaching as you load and unload clothing.

High-efficiency models will save on energy costs. Stacked units, or combination washer-dryer models, save space and can fit in most any closet where power, water, and venting can be installed.

The size of the dryer drum determines capacity, which is measure in cubic feet. A larger capacity means the dryer is capable of drying more clothes.

In general, dryer capacity ranges include:

Compact: 2 to 4 cubic feet

Medium: 4 to 5.8 cubic feet

Large: 5.9 to 6.9 cubic feet

Extra-large: 7 or more cubic feet

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