Range Hood Ideas

All range hoods ventilate cooking odors, but these do it with style. Find stylish range hood design ideas and clever ways to incorporate them into your kitchen.

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Stainless steal vent. hood
Island Range Hood

    When the cooktop is on a kitchen island, a vent hood can act like a wall, cutting the room in half. This stainless-steel hood provides a focal point for the island while quickly carrying away smoke and grease. It's placed low enough to do the job but high enough to allow clear sight to the windows and the view beyond.

Vent Hood with Form and Function

    A large cooking area, such as this commercial-grade stove, requires a large vent hood. This studded-steel hood combined with a stainless-steel backsplash continues the look and function of the stove all the way to the ceiling.

Pretty and Practical Ventilation

    The working details of this vent are completely hidden behind the central portion of a shapely pointed arch that covers most of the wall. The design is reminiscent of a large fireplace mantel. The effect is in keeping with the vintage English country look of the kitchen.

Mantel-Style Range Hood

    This imposing mantel-style hood hides a high-power exhaust fan. The thick side supports help to funnel steam and heat to the fan, protecting the cabinets that flank the stove from splatters and moisture. The country-French style of the kitchen is suitable for this weighty look and arrangement.

Slim-Style Vent Hood

    Advances in technology allow streamlined vent hoods, such as this stainless-steel model, to work as effectively as old, bulky models. Lighting technology advances also play a part. Thin halogen lights add the necessary light source to this hood.

Balancing Act

    Scale is important in choosing and placing a vent hood: This prominent vent hood is the focal point in this small kitchen. It's large but well-proportioned to the space. Centered on the wall, it's visually pleasing as well as functional.

Range Hood with Modern Minimalism

    This conical stainless-steel vent hood serves as a design fulcrum for the room. The stainless-on-stainless arrangement of hood and backsplash creates a cohesive look without an enclosing frame. That keeps the look light in the high-ceiling, modern-look kitchen.

Blend In and Stand Out

    Although the vent hood stands proud off the cabinet fronts, the cover style and material blend it in the room. The exhaust fan and light fixtures are tucked behind the facade to maintain the illusion of cabinetry.

Serious About Cooking

    Tucked in an arched niche, this professional-grade range and hood show the commitment of a serious cook. A large, high-caliber vent hood will draw a lot of air, keeping heat, steam, and odors under control, but it's also a large financial investment only necessary for a cook frequently preparing large meals.

Range Hood with Clear Power

    Without a backsplash, a strong fan is needed to keep cooking splatters under control. The fan in this generously sized hood helps keep the windows clean; the hood's simple lines and smooth surface make it as unobtrusive as possible so the view shines through.

Paneled Range Hood

    Cabinetry-matching paneling disguises the range hood in this kitchen and is part of a makeover designed to visually lighten the space and add character. Many kitchen cabinet companies offer panels to cover kitchen appliances and fixtures. Ask about this option if you're looking to create a very cohesive look throughout your kitchen.

Sized to Fit

    By choosing a vent hood that's just large enough for the range, there is enough room on the side for tall cabinets. In a storage-challenged kitchen, this choice makes a world of difference.

Petite and Functional Range Hood

    Decorative, country-style vent hoods don't have to equal the size of the mantels of historic kitchen fireplaces. Replicating the style, however, maintains the charm. This stylish, small vent hood is the perfect complement to the kitchen's cottage style.

Ventilation with Serious Style

    This massive stove requires serious ventilation. But the hood is surprisingly light in appearance. The light color helps, but the deep, sweeping curve of the hood quickly reduces its size and visual impact. A seamed metal cover gives the hood a curtainlike appearance.

Vent Hood with Classic Detailing

    The classical range hood sits on fluted corbels, surrounded by marble wall tiles and molding. Outlined with detailed molding, covered with beveled panels, and accented with framed artwork, this hood has a stately presence suitable for its traditional surroundings.

Custom Range Hood

    Every detail on the range and hood is customized, from the color and oven size to the burner layout, brushed-brass trim, and pot rail. Coordinating stove and hood size ensures perfect proportions, and the matching color scheme makes the cooking station look like a single fixture.

High and Stylish Range Hood

    This paneled vent hood hangs well above the stove top. New fans are both strong and quiet, allowing more room between cooking surface and the fan. That space can help make a room feel more open -- and keep tall cooks from bumping their foreheads on the front of the hood!

Stainless-Steel Vent Hood

    For ease of care and heat resistance, stainless steel is a material of choice for range hood construction. It's also a style chameleon. Strong angles and bold forms, such as this vent hood, give a modern look. For a more traditional kitchen, a smaller stainless-steel hood with curves would blend in.

Small Range Hood

    Small vent hoods, which often purify the air over the stove rather than exhausting it outside, needn't be bland. The style of this petite hood tucked under glass-fronted cabinets enhances the geometric design of lines in this kitchen. Finding unique hoods like this can take some research in kitchen design magazines and on Web sites.

Hood with Lines and Curves

    Even a few select details soften the look of a simple vent hood. This plain, rounded-front hood looks more home-friendly than restaurant-industrial with the addition of a strip of ledge molding and a gentle curve on the front edge. These little changes prevent the hood from appearing boxy and overwhelming the look of the cooking station.

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