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Quiet, Built-In Dishwasher

    Designed to operate at an ultraquiet 49 decibels, this dishwasher improves cleaning -- no more spotty or cloudy-looking dishes. Hidden controls give the dishwasher a contemporary look.

    Model LI700 X
    Ariston Appliances

Dishwasher with Extra-Strength Cleaning

    This dishwasher's tub has extra durability thanks to its stainless-steel tank. The one-piece tank design also makes for quieter running.

    Model LFA-65 IT X
    Fagor America, Inc.

Dishwasher for Tight Spaces

    Even a cramped kitchen has room for an 18-inch-wide dishwasher, especially when it has six wash programs and room for nine place settings. It can also supplement a full-size dishwasher in busy households. Cabinet-matching panels make it almost disappear.

    Slimline Dishwasher G 832 SCi
    from $1,399
    Miele USA

Dishwasher with Water Softener

    Offered on every model, a built-in water softener counters hard water that can cloud dishes and clog pipes. Sensors determine each load's wash temperature, cycle length, and the number of rinses.

    Elegance Model LI 700 S
    Ariston Appliances

Hardworking Dishwasher

    Loaded with up to 47 ounces of liquid or gel, this dishwasher dispenses detergent automatically based on cycle, load size, soil level, water temperature, and water hardness. You may also choose to run a single-rack wash for smaller loads to save water. This model includes hidden controls.

    Profile Smart Dispense
    GE Appliances

Energy-Efficient Dishwasher

    Trendy stainless steel combined with high-temp boost option and a pots and pans cycle makes the Energy Star-qualified Whirlpool dishwasher a cleanup in value. This model is up to the challenge of large loads of dishes.

    Model DU850SWP
    Whirlpool Appliances

Gentle But Tough Dishwasher

    Hand-washing stemware is a thing of the past with this dishwasher's special-care cycles. The dishwasher is also tough enough to tackle large pans and even stockpots.

    Encore dishwasher D3731XL
    Asko USA

Colorful Dishwasher

    Select this 24-inch-wide model in one of six colors to accent your kitchen. It cleans up to 14 place settings in five cycles, using an in-line water heater and condensation drying.

    Preference Model PD24BU

Noise Reducing Dishwasher

    Insulation on all sides of this dishwasher keeps noise levels down. An improved motor/pump system further reduces noise.

    Professional Model DFUD042-P
    From $1,500
    Viking Range Corp.

Dishwasher with Smart Sensors

    One of five programs, auto wash uses sensors to determine a cycle's minimum time, water, and energy consumption. This dishwasher comes in fingerprint-resistant coated stainless steel.

    Model D3152XL
    Asko USA

Dishwasher with Jumbo Jets

    PowerScour, an option on two models, eliminates the need to soak and scrub by hand. Load your hardest-to-clean items at the dishwasher's bottom and back, where 36 spray jets remove baked-on crud without using extra water.

    Whirlpool Gold with PowerScour
    Whirlpool Appliances

Programmable Dishwasher

    This dishwasher uses six different programs to ensure the best cleaning every time. There's no need to remember your setting -- this model remembers the last program used.

    Model D3232XLSS
    Asko USA

Dishwasher with Quiet Motor

    This dishwasher lets you watch TV or talk on the phone in the kitchen, thanks to a quieter motor. Its built-in washing system adjusts the wash time if it detects a need for additional cleaning.

    Model LDF6920
    LG Electronics

Dishwasher for Thorough Cleaning

    The stainless-steel wash arms of this dishwasher move in opposite directions to ensure thorough cleaning. The dishwasher vents steam away from the controls and your cabinets.

    Designer Model DFUD042-D
    From $1,500
    Viking Range Corp.

Flexible Dishwasher

    Not all dishes are the same size, and this dishwasher works to accommodate that. An adjustable top rack accommodates large kitchenware.

    Model LFA-013 SS
    Fagor America, Inc.

Sleek and Stylish Dishwasher

    Being able to make a visual check of the dishwasher's cycle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. This digital display keeps you informed, while electronic controls ensure the perfect settings for your dishes.

    Model LDS4821ST
    LG Electronics

Dishwasher for Large Loads

    This heavy-duty dishwasher can handle as many as 16 place settings. As an Energy Star product, you can be assured it is efficient.

    Profile dishwasher Model PDW8280NSS
    GE Appliances

Smart Dishwasher with Leak Protection

    This dishwasher determines the best wash cycle by examining the soil content in the water. The leak-protection system shuts off the dishwasher and removes excess water if it detects a leak.

    Integra 800 Series

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