Coffee Maker Picks: Coffee and Espresso Machines

Coffee machines can deliver a steaming shot of espresso or the perfect cup of coffee with convenience and style. See our favorites with manufacturer information.

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  • Built-In Coffee Maker

    This built-in coffee system, with eight programmable settings, rivals the corner coffee house. The coffee maker can create 12 coffee sizes, from a small espresso to a large coffee.

    Savor coffee system BICM24CS

  • Built-In Espresso Machine

    Enjoy sumptuous espresso and latte in minutes with this coffee maker. Water-hardness settings, integrated lighting, adjustable grind settings, dual dispensing spouts, and a state-of-the-art frothing system maximize the experience.

    CVA Coffee System Model 4070

  • Grind-and-Brew Coffee Maker

    Grinding and brewing your coffee is easier than ever, thanks to this 10-cup coffee maker. The machine's integrated mill and brew system makes it an all-in-one station for preparing your morning cup.

    Mill & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker

  • Compact Espresso Machine

    This space-saving mini coffee maker brews rich espresso, cappuccino, and latte in a snap. Dual frother allows milk to be steamed in a pitcher or coffee cup.

    Espresso Mini Model 3024-Cup Safety

  • Countertop Espresso Machine

    Get a caffeine fix in compact design. This coffee maker's easy-to-use functions include a removable water tank and steam nozzle for foamed milk.

    Barino Espresso Pump Coffee Machine

  • Single-Serving Coffee Maker

    This handy single-service coffee maker lets you brew up a cup of the coffee or tea of your choice. Simply place the capsule in the pot, touch a button, and let the machine do the rest.

    The Elite B-40 Brewer

  • Personal Coffee Maker

    With one-hand dispensing, this coffee maker prevents spills. The coffee machine's programmable clock allows you to adjust the automatic shutoff setting.

    The BrewStation Deluxe
    Hamilton Beach

  • Retro-Style Espresso Machine

    Indulge yourself with this lavish espresso maker. The machine's chrome accents make it both a kitchen accessory and a gourmet experience. The cup-warming rail keeps your espresso's temperature up.

    Francis Francis X6 Trio Pod espresso machine
    Francis Francis

  • Sunny Coffee Machine

    Brighten up your daily grind with this vibrant coffee machine. With a 12-cup capacity and drip-free pouring, the coffee maker offers enough coffee and convenience to go around.

    Eclectrics Pineapple All-Metal Coffeemaker
    Hamilton Beach

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    Countertop Coffee Maker

    Customize your morning cup of coffee with this coffee maker. The pod brewing system makes it simple to brew coffee that won't taste scorched.

    One:One Melitta Single Serve Coffeemaker

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    Stylish Espresso Machine

    Designed by an Italian architect, this pump-driven espresso machine includes a brass boiler for retaining heat. The removable drip tray and stainless steel grille make for easy cleaning

    Francis Francis X1 Trio espresso machine from $900
    Francis Francis

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    Flavorful Coffee Machine

    Ensure the best coffee flavor possible with this coffee maker. A built-in water filter maintains the flavor of your coffee, and the brewing system is designed to keep the water from acquiring a metallic taste.

    Benvenuto B30 Coffee Machine

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