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Oven and Range Picks: Built-In Wall Ovens

See our favorite built-in wall ovens featuring cutting-edge technology and design. Manufacturer information included.


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    • Built-In Convection Oven

      Add some personality to your kitchen with this charming and chic European convection oven. LCD touch controls allow the cook to program favorite meals and cooking times in English, Spanish, and French.

      30-inch Convection Wall Oven with LCD
      Controls, Model ZET1RM
      $3,149 to $3,349
      GE Monogram
      800/626-2005; gemonogram.com

    • Lift Oven

      Allow the Lift Oven to leverage your meal into its cooking cavity so you don't have to reach your hands into a scorching space. Pizzas and pies can be placed directly onto the glass ceramic base for perfect crusts.

      BL 253 Lift Oven
      877/442-4436; gaggenau-usa.com

    • Triple-Threat Wall Oven

      Assemble this oven in one of three ways, depending on your kitchen's needs. The Masterpiece Series Wall Oven offers an oven, microwave, and warming drawer in one sleek, multi-purpose package.

      Thermador Masterpiece Series Wall Oven
      $2,089 to $5,499
      800/735-4328; thermador.com

    • Double Wall Oven

      Double the oven's duties, not your own, while cutting cook time in half. These stacked convection ovens provide double the capacity and allow you to cook with different temperatures at the same time.

      Electric 30-inch Double Wall Oven, Model JJW9830DDR
      800/536-6247; jennair.com

    • Flavor-Saver

      Seventeen operating modes based on menu items ensure correct cook time and temperature for specific foods. High heat seals the flavor of poultry or roast, and then the oven returns to a designated temperature to complete cooking.

      Master Chef Collection, Model H 4881 BP
      Miele, Inc.
      800/843-7231; miele.com

    • Steam and Convection Oven

      This multifunctional oven delivers meals that are the perfect combination of tender and juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

      BS 270 Combination Steam and Convection Oven
      800/828-9165; gaggenau-usa.com

    • Microwave Convection Oven

      KitchenAid's Combination Oven fuses the versatility of a microwave with the performance power of a convection oven.

      Superba Built-In Electric Convection Oven, Model KEMS308SSS
      800/422-1230; kitchenaid.com

    • Pro-Style Double Wall Oven

      Cultivate your inner chef with an oven that acts like six individual ovens. The intuitive cooking modes will ensure your mastery of the culinary craft.

      Epicure Renaissance Wall Oven
      $2,295- $4,495
      800/793-0093; dacor.com

    • Large-Capacity Wall Ovens

      Maximize your meal with the one of the largest oven cavities in the industry. The Premiere Touch digital control panel disappears when not in use, creating an ultra-sleek look.

      Viking Ultra-Premium Premiere Touch Control Ovens DEDO
      Viking Range Corp.
      888/845-4641; vikingrange.com

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      Pro-Style Wall Ovens

      The Professional Series wall ovens sport sleek, restaurant-style controls and designs. A dishwasher-safe rotisserie holds up to 12 pounds of turkey and the MaxBroil feature is the most powerful on the market.

      Thermador Professional Series Wall Oven
      $3,299 to $5,279
      800/735-4328; thermador.com

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      Colorful Oven Options

      Not only does the top portion of this oven cook a 12-pound turkey in 42 minutes, its door comes in seven colors. The bottom oven is used for convection cooking.

      30-inch Double Wall Speedcook Oven
      866/543-6569; turbochef.com

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