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Appliances are integral to the function of a kitchen. Learn how to choose the best kitchen appliances (such as refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers) and appliance extras (such as warming drawers and wine coolers) with our handy buying guides to find the models that are right for you. Plus, see what options are available in professional gas ranges, small appliances, outdoor kitchen appliances, convection ovens, induction cooktops, and dishwasher drawers. These pro appliances make it easier than ever for everyday chefs to match the culinary expertise of their professional counterparts.


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Appliance Ideas

Find out how to make your appliances work with your kitchen decor.

All About Dishwashers

Learn how to choose the best dishwasher for your home.

Buying a Stove

Know what to look for when you buy a stove.

Buying Appliances
Buying a Range

Know what to look for when buying one of the most important kitchen appliances.

How to Buy Wall Ovens

Learn what to look for when buying kitchen wall ovens.

Space-Saving Appliances

Small appliances are essential. See how to incorporate these appliances into your kitchen.


Integrate the microwave into the kitchen's design with these ideas.

SHOP for Refrigerators

Find refrigerators of every size and style in our Shop!

How to Buy a Refrigerator

Browse this guide to find the refrigerator that is perfect for your kitchen.

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