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Worried a red sock might ruin a yellow shirt? Discover how to easily test laundry for colorfastness. Have a stain and not sure how to treat it? Some stains require special attention and products designed specifically for that type of stain. If you know what the stain is, we can help you customize your treatment plan to match its specific properties. Since you use it in every single load of laundry--and it can be expensive--we can help you use the correct amount of detergent to avoid damaging your clothes. Sudsy residue can remain in your machine and transfer to clothes. Especially when using high-efficiency or concentrated detergents, keep detergent amounts at or below the recommendation for your load size. Follow our checklist and you can create a laundry plan that is simple and easy to follow. The most important step in doing laundry is the first one: sorting. Sort clothes into categories by color, soil level, and fabric content. Each sorted pile becomes a wash load. We'll also help you deal with common laundry problems such as grayness and yellowing, fading and shrinking, and pilling. Even better, you can avoid them altogether by taking these preventive measures.


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Laundry Room Helpers

Add these free labels, printable stain guide, and artwork to your laundry room for a more colorful and functional space.

Laundry Planning Guide

Use our free guide to help you plan a hardworking laundry room filled with savvy storage and smart features.

Make Laundry Day Easier

Laundry seems to be the never-ending chore. Here's how to make the task easier and get it done quicker.

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