Laundry & Linens

You spend a lot of money on clothing and linens, so you want to launder them properly to ensure they continue to look new years after you take the tags off. We'll help you decode laundry cycles and learn which ones you can ignore. Buying a washer and dryer can be stressful: front-load or top-load? High-efficiency? Sanitize cycle? Let us help you work through all of the options and buy the best washer and dryer for you and your budget. Then, learn what effect water temperature has on certain fabrics and how to make sure your clothes are actually clean. Certain add-ins to the laundry can boost the washing power of your machine, and we'll tell you about a variety of options, even natural options that are just as effective as store-bought versions. Let us decode thread counts, percale and muslin and the rest of the jargon that comes with buying linens. Doing laundry is a necessity, so we want to make sure you have the best tools, tips and tricks to care for your laundry and linens.


Make Laundry Easier
Solve Your Laundry Problems

Avoid laundry mishaps with these smart strategies.

Laundry Room Guide

Plan your perfect laundry room with our free guide.

Must-Have Laundry Products

Stock these essentials and tools for an easier laundry day.

Brush Up on the Basics
Clothing Care

The right laundry methods can help your clothes last longer and stay looking good. Review the basics of fabric care and be on your way to a well-maintained wardrobe.

Washing Towels

Before you throw that load of towels into the washer, consider these easy steps and tricks to help keep your towels looking like new and feeling soft.

Top Picks in Laundry
Laundry Tips
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  • Pre-Laundry Checklist

    Cut down on laundry time with these pre-game tips.

Stain Removal
Linens & Bedding
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    If the bed sheet aisle leaves you baffled, you're not alone. Here's a play-by-play guide to help you select the rig...

  • How to Wash Towels

    You use towels every day, so they are bound to take a beating. Here's how to keep your bathroom towels looking like...

  • The Best Way to Clean Your Pillows

    You may not think to clean your pillows, but they do need an occasional cleaning. Here's how to do it the easy way...

Buying Guides
  • Buying a Washing Machine

    If you're in the market for a new washing machine, read this before your buy. We outline what features to consider...

  • How to Buy a Dryer

    Replacing or buying a new dryer is a big investment. Here's how to make sure you buy smart and get the model that's...


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