How Unused Attic Space Became a Master Suite

Attic conversions face unique challenges, but can be remarkably rewarding.
Use Every Inch
Built-in bookcases and closets
take full advantage of low ceilings.

Be creative when it comes to visualizing changes.

Access every usable inch. The layout claims about 1,000 square feet from the 2,000-square-foot attic. Low clearance overhead makes the rest of the attic unusable.

Upgrade the floor. The original floor structure of the attic was not up to code for a finished space. To reinforce it, 2x10s were inserted between the old 2x6 joists.

Play up windows. The new home office occupies a gable that already existed at the front of the house, which at one time provided the attic's only windows. The new back windows not only add light but also additional safety exits.

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