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Stocking a Cleaning Caddy

The right tools to do the job right.

Make your cleaning jobs easier with a well-stocked caddy you can carry from room to room.

Have these items always on hand to make cleaning faster and more efficient:

Window cleaner: Use for windows, glass tops, mirrors. Also use to polish chrome fixtures and to clean cooktops.

Non-sudsing household ammonia or formulated cleansers: Use these to mop and scrub floors and walls. Check if safe for sealed vinyl floors.

Cleanser: Choose nonabrasive for general cleaning. Buy a heavy-duty cleanser for tough stains and rust.

General-purpose cleaner: Buy a kitchen-and-bath spray product (and refills for spray bottles) or make your own with diluted vinegar.

Chlorine bleach: Dilute with 4 parts water to 1 part bleach for general cleaning and disinfecting (including toilet bowl).

Feather duster: Safely dust lampshades, light fixtures, art, and delicate collectibles with this handy tool.

Oil soap: Clean wood-stain cabinets, paneling, and other woods with this liquid soap made for use on wood; several brands on the market.

Latex gloves: Protect your hands from chemicals with household rubber gloves. Use for washing dishes, too.

Paper towels, soft rags, sponges: Use for wiping and light scrubbing.


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