The Trick to Cleaning Faster

Spend less time cleaning with these speedy tips from home cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kuper.

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Pro Cleaning Secrets

These pros know cleaning. It's their business to take a home from dingy to dazzling as quickly and easily as possible. Check out these tips, direct from the cleaning experts, and you'll feel confident bringing their job home with you.

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Clean With What You Already Have

Get your house in tip-top shape with tools you wouldn't think to use for cleaning. And another perk? You probably already have these secret cleaners in your home.

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Habits to Stop Now

It is possible to clean incorrectly. Here are some common cleaning habits you'd be better off breaking.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel

Make the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen sparkle with these tips for cleaning and eliminating smudges and fingerprints.

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Clothing Care 101

From cotton to silk, the fabrics in your wardrobe need specific care. With these fabric care tips for washing, drying, and treating stains, you can keep your clothing looking fabulous.

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Five Fantastic Tips for Making Cleaning FUN!

Like it or not, you have to clean your home. So you might as well make the job fun. Read on for five fabulous tips to help take the dread out of cleaning day.

Treat Yourself

"Link your weekly cleaning day to another activity you enjoy," advises Aby Garvey, organizing and productivity expert at Pick something simple yet special to enjoy that evening, such as a favorite carryout meal, an hour of pampering at home, or a bouquet of fresh flowers -- whatever says "indulgence" to you. Who knows? You might even start looking forward to cleaning day.

Play Games

Turn cleaning into a game of beat-the-clock. As you enter a room to clean, guess how long it will take you to clean it, then set the timer for that amount. Race to beat the ding! Use any extra time for a break or to get a jump on the next room.

Get Good Gear

"Splurge on cleaning tools and supplies that make you happy," Garvey says. "Choose yummy-smelling cleaners, or invest in a colorful cleaning bucket and cheerful dust cloths and towels." It will set a positive tone for your cleaning session if you look forward -- even just a little bit -- to breaking them out.

Prep for Pauses

Have a few favorite energy-building snacks ready to go, such as a cheese-and-cracker plate, some dark chocolate, or a pot of tea. When you start losing steam or interest, you won't get sidetracked rummaging through the fridge. Pick one of your break-friendly options, enjoy it, then keep moving.

Rock Out

Keep things upbeat by cranking your iPod, with or without headphones, recommends Jill Roth of Magic Mops House Cleaning. Try a playlist of your booty-shakin' favorites, a fresh new download, or a book or podcast so engrossing you could forget you're cleaning.

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