Bath Linens

Bath linens, including bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bath mats, are as much home fashion accessories as necessities. Bath linens can act as a makeover to the look and feel of your bathroom.
Towel Color, Fabrics and Quality
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Anyone who's shopped for towels lately can tell you about the vast array of fashion colors, trims, patterns, sizes, and quality to choose from.

Although the basic fluffy white towel is a classic and can give a clean, spa-like, feel to any bath, you may wish to experiment with color as you refresh or add to your stock of bath linen.

It's also important to understand what makes up a good quality towel. Softness alone is no longer the only barometer to measure towel quality.

Remember, as with bed linens, that towels are traditionally discounted during January white sales. Good buys can be found year-round at linen outlets and home discount stores.

Here are some ideas to consider when shopping for bath linen, including bath mats and rugs.

Color Choices: White and ivory coordinate with any bathroom color and have longevity. However, towels are a great way to get more color into a bath. When concerned about fading, choose light colors that don't show fading as much as dark colors. For color interest, combine two colors, mixing shades such as green with blue, or tan with cream.

Bath Mats: If you use two colors for towels, choose a bath mat in one of the colors. For a clean look, use only washable cotton bath mats. Avoid using top or seat covers on the toilet and don't use a rug around the base -- they all trap moisture and are dust and bacteria catchers.

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