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Secrets to Success: Washing Windows

You've decided to wash windows. Good for you! Channel your ambition with these three window-cleaning tricks to make the job easier and for streak-free results.

Test the Temperature

You might think hot, sunny days would work best for washing windows. But glaring sun keeps you from seeing well enough to thoroughly clean windows. And heat makes window-cleaning solution evaporate faster than you can wipe it off, leaving streaks. Rule of thumb? Touch the window glass. If it's hot to the touch, wait for a cooler day.

Vacuum Before You Wash

You know how the automatic car wash rinses off your vehicle before spraying on the suds? Use that same technique on your windowsills to avoid muddy streaks after washing. Pull back the curtains and dust or vacuum interior side of your windows. Hose down the exteriors. Now you're ready to get out the cleaning solution.

Dry Carefully for a Lint-Free Surface

Paper towels leave behind lint, so ignore them when drying glass. Instead, use one of these lint-free options to polish the panes: clean coffee filters, crumpled newsprint, or a microfiber or flour sack towel. You can also use a small squeegee, but just like windshield wipers, their rubber blades need to be kept sharp and nick-free to get flawless results.

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