The Trick to Cleaning Faster

Spend less time cleaning with these speedy tips from home cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kuper.

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Pro Cleaning Secrets

These pros know cleaning. It's their business to take a home from dingy to dazzling as quickly and easily as possible. Check out these tips, direct from the cleaning experts, and you'll feel confident bringing their job home with you.

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Clean With What You Already Have

Get your house in tip-top shape with tools you wouldn't think to use for cleaning. And another perk? You probably already have these secret cleaners in your home.

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Habits to Stop Now

It is possible to clean incorrectly. Here are some common cleaning habits you'd be better off breaking.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel

Make the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen sparkle with these tips for cleaning and eliminating smudges and fingerprints.

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Clothing Care 101

From cotton to silk, the fabrics in your wardrobe need specific care. With these fabric care tips for washing, drying, and treating stains, you can keep your clothing looking fabulous.

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How to Remove Stains from Wood Floors

Before panic over a dried-up spill on your wood floor sets in, take heed: You might have options for getting it off. Here are some insights into how to remove stains from wood floors.

Maybe a family member inadvertently left a full glass on the floor overnight. Or perhaps a spill didn't get fully cleaned up. Whatever the reason, stains on wood floors can strike terror into the heart of a homeowner. However, depending on what type and how deep the stain is, you might be able to easily fix the spot. Here are some common questions and answers on how to remove stains from wood floors.

Q: What does the ring look like?

A: This might seem like a strange question, but the answer is important to helping you figure out how to best address the stain.

Q: It is white?

A: White stains indicate a type of water stain that can be easy to remove. The color indicates the stain is located either in the finish or the waxy surface layer of the floor.

Q: How do I fix white rings?

A: Start by letting the stain dry for two days to see if it disappears on its own. If not, try several different methods for removing the stain from the wood floor. Cover the stain with a dry cotton cloth and rub with a hot iron (set to no steam) for two to three seconds. Or, use very fine steel wool pad that has been thoroughly soaked in lemon oil, which acts as a lubricant and prevents scratching. Gently rub the wool on the white ring. Lastly, dampen a cloth with denatured alcohol and rub over the stain for just a few seconds.

Q: What about black rings?

A: Black rings are more problematic; they are generally water stains that have penetrated into the finish of the floor. You have two options: Dip a small brush into a small amount of bleach and rub onto the stain; do a second round after several hours and let the area rest until the next day. Or, strip, sand, and reseal the area if possible.

Q: What about stains caused by other products—not water?

A: Nongreasy items such as food and nail polish should come off with dish detergent mixed into warm water and rubbed onto the spot with a soft cloth. Greasy stains should come up with a small amount of ammonia mixed with cold water and applied with a soft cloth.

How to Clean Floors


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