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Take the chore out of housecleaning with easy techniques that will get your home clean in no time. Our tips and tricks will help you clean your home efficiently. Even when you're crunched for time, our cleaning shortcuts will show you how to speed-clean your home. Learn about what products you need and what tools will help you get the cleaning job done right. Download our free stain charts and cleaning checklists. Learn how to clean specific surfaces, such as upholstery, flooring, countertops, and more. Plus, see how having a strategy for every room will help you clean the space well. Check out our room cleaning guides for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and more. Gear up for the holidays with our tips for cleaning during the busy season and for every other day of the year your home sees a lot of activity -- with kids, family, pets, and guests. If you crave a clean home in the hustle and bustle, we've made it easy so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your home and the people that gather there and the events that take place.


More Cleaning Tips & Tricks
Our Best Stain Solutions

Need to treat a stain ASAP? Use our Stain Fixes tool for FREE!

Faster and Better Cleaning

Watch and learn how to make cleaning effortless.

Free Checklist

Take the chore out of weekly cleaning with our free weekly cleaning checklist.

House Cleaning Made Easy
Speed Clean Your Home

If you need to clean up in a hurry, these tricks will help you make the most of limited time. Plus, download our emergency cleaning checklist to have on hand when the clock is ticking.

Tackle Major Cleaning Projects

Facing a major and intensive cleaning project? Use these six steps to help get you through the job. The trick is to break down the job into manageable increments.

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