Bathroom Planner

Taking each of the following steps at the right time will put you on the road to bath-improvement success.

Enlarge Image Dream big in the beginning.

1. Compile an idea folder.

2. Compose "I need" and "I want" lists; prioritize each.

3. Decide if you will keep the existing floor plan or rearrange or expand it. Options for expansion include adding a bump-out or commandeering space from an adjoining linen or bedroom closet, for example.

4. Seek professional help if you are adding a new bath or expanding an existing bath. Possibilities include architects, general contractors, design/build firms, bathroom designers, and home improvement centers.

5. Create a layout of your design on graph paper.

6. Meet with your design professional to discuss your design, probable costs, and potential construction time frames.

7. Decide what work you will do (if any) and what you'll hire out.

8. Set a realistic budget.

9. Determine how to finance your bathroom project.

Enlarge Image The bathtub sets the tone for the other fixtures to follow.

10. Choose the bathtub. First, select type (standard or whirlpool). Second, select material (metal, cast iron, fiberglass, or acrylic). Third, select color. Note that whirlpools typically require extra floor space.

11. Choose the toilet. First, select the style (one-or two-piece). Second, select the bowl (round or elongated). Third, select the flush (pressurized or gravity-fed).

12. Choose the sink (pedestal, undermount, integral solid-surfacing unit, abovemount, etc.).

13. Choose faucets and fittings. Popular options include brass, brushed nickel, and chrome.

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