20 Storage Squeezers

Today's kitchens need to accommodate multiple cooks and furniture and meet a variety of storage and display needs.

These ideas will help you make the most of your kitchen, big or small.

+ enlarge image Cabinets at either end of this kitchen hold table linens and silverware.
  • Cover portions of the walls and ceilings with wire grids for simple, open storage, or to showcase small collectibles.
  • Free up cupboard space by attaching a preassembled stemware rack under a cabinet.
  • Store linens and large serving pieces near the table but outside the work core.
  • Build the microwave into a cabinet.
+ enlarge image Angling the sink saves space, as does the built-in dish drainer above it.
  • Angle the sink and range into corners to create uninterrupted runs of countertop.
  • Unless you entertain frequently and truly need the labor savings, gain some cabinet space by exchanging a dishwasher for a dish drainer.
  • Convert a broom closet into a pullout pantry with adjustable shelves.
  • Fit a waste bin to the inside of a cabinet door so it's ready to use whenever you open the door.
  • Add covers to the top drawers (under the countertops) to provide extra counter space when the drawers are open.
+ enlarge image Tuck away small appliances in a pull-out drawer.
  • Minimize countertop clutter with appliance garages.
  • Or, install pullout drawers or shelves for toaster ovens and other small appliances (see photo at right); include an electrical outlet at the rear for easy use.
  • Maximize corner cupboard space with half-circle lazy Susans.
  • Add vertical dividers to lower cupboards to organize baking sheets and pizza pans.
  • Fit cabinets with pullout wire baskets to hold bulky utensils and plastic storageware.
+ enlarge image Hang spices and cooking utensils near the cooktop.
  • Make the most of any deep cabinet by installing glide-out bins with partitions.
  • Store spices and utensils near the range, where you can easily reach them while cooking.
  • Use high shelves for storing wine and showcasing decorative items that aren't often used.
  • Mount shelves between the counter and upper cabinets to keep work space clear.
  • Attach a retractable cookbook rack under a cabinet near the work area.
+ enlarge image Consider storing produce that doesn't need to be kept cool, such as potatoes, garlic, and onions, in a drawer.
  • Use a cookbook stand at the back of the countertop to keep the main space open.
  • Plan a space for storing vegetables near the sink, so they are easily moved for washing and peeling.
  • Put a tilt-out tray in the sink apron to hold sponges, scouring pads, and soap.
  • Fit a narrow space between an appliance and a cabinet with pullout rods for dish towels.
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