Make cleaning, doing laundry, and keeping up your home easy with our helpful housekeeping tips. From how to clean and maintain specific surfaces, to effortless cleaning routines and simple shortcuts, we'll show you how to get your home to shine. Discover what tools and products work best and what are the must-have essentials. Browse our seasonal cleaning guides that outline how to tackle spring, fall, and holiday chores. Plus, see how to tackle laundry more efficiently. Browse our stain removal guides and learn solutions for dealing with even the toughest of stains. Learn how to wash specific items and how to care for delicate items, such as baby clothing and antique linens. See how you can make the most of your laundry space with our storage and organization tips. And if you're buying a new washer or dryer, read our must-know tips for purchasing these laundry appliances. Download our free charts and checklists -- from stain removal guides, to weekly chore checklists -- that will help you get your cleaning and laundry to-dos done. All of our tips and ideas will help you get your chores done more quickly and efficiently.


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Clean Your Washing Machine

Even the appliance that cleans your clothes needs a little TLC. Here's how to clean it in 3 steps.

Get It Now: Cleaning Secrets

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The Secret to Streak-Free Windows

Want to really get your windows clean? Learn how to do the job faster and better with these tricks.

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