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Home Services: Pest Control

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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Pest Control

Are rodents or termites eating their way through your home? Have ants taken over your kitchen? Don’t stress! A local exterminator can take the worry out of your pest control problems. Whether you need to combat bed bugs, rodents, or insects, Better Homes & Gardens Home Services can connect you to pest control providers in your area. Simply fill out the form and receive free quotes from local exterminators.

Not only can an exterminator take care of current infestation problems, but they can also prevent pests from finding their way back into your home in the future. Depending on your specific pest control problem, pest elimination can require traps, poison sprays, and fumigation. Exterminators can help determine which elimination method will work best to solve your pest problem and to prevent further infestation. We recommend leaving pest problems to a local pest control service that can make sure these issues are handled correctly and in a way that is safe for your home and family.

Regular Pest Inspections Can Prevent Home Damage

Pests like roaches and ants can cause serious home infestation problems. If you are not careful, several types of pests can, and will, go undetected for long periods of time, continuing to spread across your home. No matter if you have had pest problems in the past or suspect that a pest problem could be developing, we recommend setting up regular home inspections with a local pest control service. During inspections, exterminators can search for any pests that are currently residing in your home and check your property for areas that could be a problem in the future if untreated. Find a pest control service provider in your area who can keep pests at bay with regular home inspections.

Bed Bug Infestations Are Back

Bed bugs have made quite the comeback in recent years. While the re-emergence of bed bugs has become a hot topic, this is not an issue that you want to find in your home. It is often hard to spot bed bugs on your own, but you may be able to detect them through stains on mattresses or bite marks on your body. From rashes and infections to allergies, bed bugs can wreak havoc on your family. To eliminate a bed bug infestation, we recommend working with an exterminator. With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, you’ll find a local exterminator who can help eliminate your bed bug problems.

Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Home

With their ability to cause structural damage to your home, termites are one of the most serious pest problems that you can face. Their wood-eating habits and rapid reproduction rates make termites a problem that you do not want to handle on your own. If you see, or suspect, termites on your property you should immediately contact a pest control service in your area. An exterminator can help make sure that termites are treated correctly to prevent any further damage to the wood in your home. Treating termites will take place in a two-part process of eliminating existing termite colonies and preventing termites from regaining access to your home. Better Homes & Gardens Home Services can connect you with local exterminators who can eliminate your termite infestation. To prevent termite damage and protect the structure of your home, we recommend scheduling routine termite inspections with a local pest control service.

Rodent Control for Your Family’s Health

Have you noticed mice droppings in your garage? Are some of your home’s electrical wires chewed through? If so, you may have a rodent infestation on your hands. Mice, rats, and other rodents can enter your home through the smallest holes and are not a pest issue that you want to ignore. From contaminating surfaces to chewing through wires and insulation, rodents create quite the nuisance. To add to the problem, mice and rats could also be exposing your family to harmful diseases like salmonella and rabies. Don’t mess around with rodents or the safety of your home and family. Find a local pest control specialist who can see if rodents are infesting your home and determine a course of action if they are.

Indoor Insect Infestations Are Common

From ants and cockroaches to beetles and earwigs, insects are some of the most common home pests. Insect infestations are common in homes due to insects’ desire to find food, shelter, and warmth. Once insects decide that your home would be a good place to reside, they will try to get in through any opening possible — bringing in additional insects and laying eggs within your home. This means that an insect infestation can quickly become a big issue.

The first step in solving an insect infestation is to identify the exact type of insect, or insects, that you are dealing with. Remember, if you notice an issue with one type of insect, it may be a sign that other insects are also nearby. A pest control specialist can work to determine the type of insects in your home, where insects are hiding, and how to get rid of these pests. Better Homes & Gardens Home Services connects you with local exterminators who can prevent insect infestations from spreading out of control.

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