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Window Repairs & How-To

Maintain and repair your windows to keep your home cozy. Our step-by-step guide to replacing windows will make the task easy. Repairing or replacing your windows will support energy efficiency in your home. Energy-efficient windows will prevent the warm and cool air generated by your furnace and air-conditioner from escaping (and extreme heat or cold from entering your home from the outdoors), meaning the mechanicals won't have to work as much to maintain your home's temperature, lowering your utility bills. In old homes, or homes exposed to excess moisture, rotting windows can be a problem. Learn how to identify the problem and solve it with our guide to replacing rotting windows. And use our step-by-step guide to repair window screens. Ripped or torn window screens are an easy entry for bugs or pests into your home. Prevent an invasion with sound window screens. We'll show you how to fix damaged window screens to make them as good as new. If you're looking for more information on things beyond windows, sign up for our home improvement newsletter. You'll receive advice and inspiration for every aspect of your home in your in-box every week.

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