Inside the Innovation House

We pulled out all the stops to bring the latest home tech features to our Innovation Home. See the 16 coolest things from the home and be amazed by how smart one home can be.

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Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Good-looking countertops -- whether made of marble, limestone, or concrete -- create high-functioning bathrooms that spill over with style. These popular countertop materials are sure to inspire a bathroom remodel.

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Find Your Dream Backyard

Whether you dream of sunning by a state-of-the-art pool or strolling through a simple cottage garden, there's an outdoor oasis with your name written all over it. Take this quiz to find out where you really belong.

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DIY Patio Ideas

Want to boost the beauty and usefulness of your outdoor spaces? Put one of these inspiring DIY patio ideas to work in your landscape.

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Easy Fireplace Upgrades

Does your fireplace need a facelift? Check out these 20 ideas for updating your fireplace with easy-to-apply embellishments and simple-to-make constructions.

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8 Cutting-Edge Exterior Features

The wow-factor of the Innovation Home starts with great curb appeal. See the eight things that make the home's exterior stand out.

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Budget Curb Appeal

Be the best home on the block for less. These budget curb appeal updates will show you how.

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Window Design Ideas: Stained-Glass Windows

Add character and color to your home with these stained-glass window ideas.


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    • Antique Stained-Glass Windows

      Antique stained- and leaded-glass windows can bring character and light into any renovation or building project. Here are a few tips for finding them:

      -- Look for salvaged windows at businesses specializing in antiques, architectural salvage, and construction demolition.
      -- Consult with a restoration specialist or artisan before cleaning stained glass, particularly pieces that feature painted-glass elements.
      -- Remember that antique glass does not offer the protection of safety glass. Check with local code officials before using salvaged windows and doors as structural elements.
      -- Consider using antique glass as a window treatment, such as a valance.

    • Flea Market Stained-Glass Window

      Once dingy, dirty, and leaning against the wall of a Paris flea market, this stained-glass window is now a brilliant focal point in a country French-style kitchen.

    • Custom-Made Windows

      Stained-glass windows custom-made in Houston add color to this otherwise neutral master bath and invite light without surrendering privacy.

    • Salvaged Stained-Glass Windows

      Salvaged stained-glass windows and antique glass-paneled cabinets flank a new fireplace in this renovated 1912 bungalow-style home.

    • Coordinating Stained Glass

      This sink window is made of stained glass that coordinates with the copper sink and concrete countertops.

    • Relocated Shower Window

      This remodeled master bath features a stained-glass window that was removed from an original service hallway in another part of the home. The window offers privacy while filling the shower with light and a renewed Victorian spirit.

    • Leaded-Glass Door

      This leaded-glass front door is original to the Civil War-era house. Although the home went through a major renovation, the door was preserved.

    • Stained-Glass Panel Valances

      Discarded stained-glass panels, installed as window valances, sparkle over the sink, carrying the floor's checkered pattern toward the ceiling.

    • Original Stained-Glass Windows

      Stained-glass windows, original to the master bath of this 1920s home, play a big role in the remodeled version and brighten a neutral color scheme. Sunlight bounces off reflective surfaces, creating jewel-like reflections on the shower door and vanity.

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      Awning-Casement Stained Glass

      This 24-pane, stained-glass, awning-casement window pours light onto the staircase landing and offers a surprising and exciting breakaway from the home's Arts and Crafts styling.

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      Stained-Glass Lighting Effects

      The cooking alcove of this kitchen features four small windows with stained-glass panes. The windows are set into the tile, high on the wall, creating different lighting effects as the sun rises and lowers throughout the day.

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      Salvaged Stained-Glass Windowpane

      A salvaged windowpane hung by chains in front of this master bath's existing window creates the effect of stained glass without a lot of work. Such solutions kept this bathroom remodel under $15,000.

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      Do-It-Yourself Stained Glass

      Frosted windowpanes offer light, privacy, and the stylish look of stained glass all at the same time. A great do-it-yourself project, this look was created by adhering sheets of vellum paper to the glass. This project works best on divided windows such as those in a bathroom or on an entry door.

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      Tudor-Style Leaded-Glass Window

      Two corners of this character-rich kitchen boast a leaded-glass window with a Tudor-style arch, adding instant period charm.

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      Art-Glass Bathroom Windows

      A leaded, art-glass window that illuminates the tub is one of the most striking elements in this master bath. One of three windows custom-made for the space, the window repeats the bedroom's palette of cream, white, and pale blue.

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      Stained-Glass Pattern

      This stained-glass window adds an interesting pattern and a touch of color to the living room without blocking views outside.

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      Interior Stained-Glass Window

      This kitchen's lone exterior window didn't provide enough light, so the homeowners added an interior window between the kitchen and adjoining family room. One blue diamond offers just enough detail to tie the window into the color scheme without sacrificing light.

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      Stained-Glass Color Scheme

      These stained-glass windows, original to the home, influenced the color scheme in the remodeled master bath. The colors of the stained glass translate into more contemporary tile designs, including a glass mosaic pattern that trims the tub and wainscoting.

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