Bathroom Window Ideas

Open up your bathroom to gorgeous natural light with these wonderful window ideas.

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Arched Art Bathroom Window
Bathroom Windows for Art and Privacy

    Bathe (and be bathed!) in natural light with this large art-glass bathroom window. Tall, wide, and slightly arched, this fantastic window offers diffused light, bold decoration, and a stunning focal point. The embedded-in-glass design helps obscure views from inside and out.

Wall-to-Wall Bathroom Windows

    Let the sun shine in -- with horizontal panels of clear and frosted glass windows in a luxurious shower. This bathroom windowscape offers dramatic wraparound views of the surrounding landscape, where privacy is not a concern.

Porthole Bathroom Window

    A large circular window adds style and light to this master bathroom. It's placement high on the wall and at one end of the tub affords privacy yet allows bathers to catch a glimpse of the sky or stars.

Double the View

    A corner window and large mirrors work together to expand the view from this bathroom retreat. The mitered window adjoins two frameless mirrors to reflect nature. Brilliant!

Paired Porthole Bathroom Windows

    A pair of porthole windows adds light and decorative interest to the bathroom vanity. The windows, set into a mirrored wall, provide a bird's-eye view of treetops and flood the bathroom with natural light.

Clerestory Windows for Celestial Light

    Narrow clerestory windows let natural light shine in (plus improve bathroom ventilation) while offering maximum privacy to bathers. The high-set windows illuminate the tub's cozy travertine surround and highlight the natural beauty of the stone.

Window in a Bathroom Retreat

    This bathroom has it all: beautiful vanity, built-in storage (with enough room for a TV), and large relaxing tub. Painted in soothing white, the bathroom's bright, airy feel is enhanced by the natural light that streams in from a large rectangular window in the center of it all. A shade allows privacy when needed.

Classic Hollywood Style

    This home, once owned by silent-film star Gloria Swanson, features a luxurious bath with beautiful leaded-glass windows. When the current homeowners renovated the bath, they retained the classic windows. Now, the sun spills through the elegant stained glass, creating jewellike reflections on the shower door and oval tub.

Cathedral-Style Bathroom Windows

    An old-fashioned tub is bathed in natural light by a pair of floor-to-ceiling cathedral-style windows. The windows are a decorative focal point for the room, as well.

Stained-Glass Shower Window

    Old elements add new views. This stained-glass window -- removed from a hallway during the home's remodel -- gives new life to a bathroom. Repositioned in the shower, it is visible to the whole bathroom through the glass shower doors.

Whirlpool Bath Windows

    A whirlpool bath, surrounded by vanilla-color marble and creamy beaded-board wainscoting, is illuminated by three narrow casement windows. Adding natural light and architectural interest, this trio of windows is shuttered to let in the light -- or enforce privacy -- with ease.

Bay Bathroom Windows

    A bank of windows topped by transoms floods this traditional room with light, but slight coloration of the window glass adds a touch of privacy for the claw-foot tub.

A (Bath) Room with a View

    Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a relaxing view of the private landscape from anywhere in this bathroom. While the shower gets full benefit from its see-through surround, prime real estate goes to the tub. Minimalist in design, this bathroom is all about two main essentials: the view and the bathtub.

Bathroom with Transom Windows

    Natural light streams into this bathroom through a bank of beautiful transom-topped windows. The windows add traditional architectural detail while maximizing the view. Two walls of windows make this bathroom feel spacious -- and special.

Light and Privacy in the Bathroom

    Let in the light! Three large windows usher in light and views. The bottom-level shutters add privacy when needed for the tub.

Frosted-Glass Bathroom Windows

    How do you add privacy to the bath without hampering the light potential? Install frosted-glass windows. These large windows around the tub let light pour into the bath while masking the view from the home's outside. Frosted glass offers bright diffused light that shines throughout the entire bathroom.

High Windows Offer Bathroom Light

    A bank of high windows on three sides of the tub offers plenty of light and views of the trees and sky. The repeated square window design echoed in the bathtub surround creates a unified style.

Frosted-Glass Bathroom Window

    A floor-to-ceiling frosted-glass window glows behind a luxurious oversize bathtub. The homeowners wanted light, but not at the expense of seclusion so the window blocks all views from the outside.

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