Tile Picks: Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Check out a variety of elegant and durable tiles, from faux stone to a tile that mimics the look of grass.

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Octagonal and rectangular wall tiles
Shapely Ceramic Wall Tiles

    This bathroom gets a glamorous wall treatment with octagonal and rectangular wall tiles from Walker Zanger. The Studio Moderne collection, created by Michael Berman, uses deep-relief ceramic and natural stone products.

    Studio Moderne Marquis series in Mica (vanity area) $6.50 per tile for rectangles; $14.75 per tile for octagons
    Studio Moderne Plaza series in Calacata/Grey marble finish (shower area)
    $44 per square foot
    Walker Zanger
    877/611-0199; walkerzanger.com

Classic Porcelain Tile

    Blending three different styles and sizes of porcelain tile creates a contemporary look. These durable porcelain tiles by Mannington recall the look and texture of classic travertine stone.

    Monterey tile in Walnut, Ivory and Multicolor mosaic
    $2.49 per square foot
    800/482-0466; Mannington.com

Porcelain Tile for Slate Look

    Designed to imitate natural slate, Cumberland Plateau is one of several lines of stain-resistant porcelain tile. Mosaics and complementary trim add charm.

    Cumberland Plateau in Walnut
    $9.05 per 12x12-inch mosaic piece
    800/782-8453; Esquire-tile.com

Photorealistic Ceramic Tiles

    With Imagine's photorealistic graphic ceramic tiles, your floor can become a rocky riverbed, an urban landscape complete with manhole covers, or even the desert. This grass tile, available in three sizes, is a chic improvement over AstroTurf.

    Grass ceramic floor tile
    $15 per square foot
    Imagine Tile
    800/680-8453; imaginetile.com

Polished Wall Tiles

    The look of this tile is so unique that you might mistake it for another material altogether. Through intense polishing, the wall tiles become an elegant, reflective surface that is right at home in modern interiors.

    Mirror Tiles
    $68.71 per square foot, installed
    Ann Sacks
    800/278-8453; annsacks.com

Slate-Look Porcelain Tile

    This sophisticated slate-look porcelain tile pays homage to India's earliest earthen art. Made of clay, sand, and other materials, it showcases unique shade variations.

    Bengali porcelain tile in Earth
    $1.50 per 3x6-inch tile; $3.14 per 12x2-inch tile
    Esquire Tile
    800/782-8453; esquire-tile.com

Wall Tile in Soft Colors

    This handmade, artisan tile takes its inspiration from Gothic Revival style, but adds creamy cottage colors. Available in six tranquil colors, the thicker-than-usual ceramic tile works best in full-wall installations with white trim.

    On left, Cottage collection "Lines" field tile in Devonshire finish
    $17.25 per square foot
    On right, Cottage collection field tile in Windermere finish
    $15.25 per square foot
    800/899-6757; waterworks.com

Rugged Porcelain Tile

    With its pitted texture, Andes porcelain tile looks like it was carved out of its namesake mountain range, yet the unglazed surface is slip-resistant.

    Andes tile in Otto finish
    $5.25 per square foot
    Through Heartland Tile
    856/608-0012; ilva.com.ar

Fuss-Free Porcelain Tile

    With porcelain tile, you can enjoy the luxurious look of natural stone without the upkeep. These Crossville tiles, in four earthy colors and six sizes, resist scratches stains, and fading. Subtle variations in color add depth to the look, available in numerous sizes.

    NOW tile in rust
    800/221-9093; crossvilleinc.com

Asian-Inspired Wall Tiles

    Inspired by Japanese textile art, these wall tiles bring the elegance of silk to a hard surface. This design in red and pale gold offers bold color and a graphic pattern that's fresh and modern.

    Sakura Dancing Dragonflies
    $36.44 per tile
    Ann Sacks
    800/278-8453; annsacks.com

Groovy Blue Mosaic Tile

    Pop culture and design from the 1960s and '70s inspired this vibrant ceramic and porcelain mosaic tile. The Vibe line offers 10 styles -- including this Ashbury tile -- in three glazes and nine colors.

    Vibe Mosaics Ashbury in Powder Blue
    $19 per square foot
    Walker Zanger
    877/611-0199; walkerzanger.com

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