Gorgeous Decorative Tile Ideas

Decorative tiles are all the rage in today's kitchens, bathrooms, home bars, and more. Take a look at some inspiring options and discover stylish ways you can include these showstopping creations in your home.

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Glazed Beauties

Vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns are hallmarks for today's decorative tiles, and homeowners everywhere are snapping them up to express their style. And no wonder! They're a creative way to dramatically transform backsplashes, shower and bath surrounds, floors, stair risers, tabletops, and more from ordinary surfaces into the highlight of a room.

If you're considering bringing these feats of clay (or cement) into your house, you'll be excited to discover nearly limitless designs, sizes, and shapes so you can create a look that's one-of-a-kind.

Some tiles feature stand-alone designs, while others fit together to form a stunning overall pattern like wallpaper.

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Spectacular Graphics

Your budget and design goals will help guide your choice and use of decorative tiles. For example, you may decide to cover a large area with decorative tiles, such as this boldly graphic black-and-white kitchen backsplash that extends to adjacent walls. Thin grout lines allow the pattern of these handcrafted cement Cuban tiles to appear uninterrupted.


Decorative tiles aren't limited to kitchen backsplashes. The hand-painted Moroccan lantern-inspired tiles in this kitchen continue from the backsplash to the island snack bar, providing a durable yet dynamic surface that can withstand shoe scuffs and scratches.

Walk On

Decorative tile remains an excellent choice for flooring, offering both beauty and durability. Use it to create easy-to-clean surfaces that stay cool underfoot. If you live in a climate with brisk falls and cold winters, decorative tile offers the perfect material for radiant heating systems so you can step out of the shower onto a pleasantly warm tile floor.

Mediterranean Magic

Use decorative tile to play up the style of your home. In this vintage kitchen, located in a 1926 Spanish Revival, the homeowners used colorful Moroccan-inspired tiles to create a colorful transition from green lower cabinets and white upper cabinetry.

Beat the Band

It's not the quantity of decorative tile, but how you use it. In this master bathroom, a wide band of black, white, and gray mosaic tiles hugs the concrete countertop to introduce eye-catching pattern. To save on labor costs and simplify installation, look for mosaic tiles already assembled in a pattern and secured to mesh sheets.

Rise to the Occasion

An entryway staircase becomes all the more memorable with the addition of decorative riser tiles. With old-world style, each riser features a different pattern of hand-painted tile, creating an ascending quilt of color and style to greet all who enter the front door.

Marbled Splendor

A mix of fine-cut traditional Calcutta and coffee-color marble tiles creates an intricate accent wall in this stunning walk-in shower. A full glass enclosure keeps the handcrafted surface on display to serve as a bathroom focal point.

Chore Brightener

Lighten your washday workload by bringing pattern into your laundry room. The highlight of this hardworking space is the walls, dressed floor to ceiling in elegant decorative tiles. Vintage Parisian metros provide inspiration for the red, blue, and cream color pattern on these hand-painted terra-cotta tiles.

Set a Mood

Decorative tile turned this useful dining room alcove into a fabulous feature wall. Floor-to-ceiling hand-painted tiles in bright turquoise pair with a mix of rustic wood and crisp white furnishings to give this space a relaxed, modern vibe with international flair.

Vintage Treasures

Not all decorative tile has to be new off the shelf. This fireplace surround displays a band of antique Delft tiles -- classic accent tiles that bring timeless charm to this family room focal point. Watch for boxes of vintage decorative tiles in antiques stores, flea markets, estate sales, and even garage sales. You only need a few to distinguish a fireplace, and broken or mismatched tiles only enhance the look.

Affordable Flair

Create the look of a fireplace hearth with decorative tile. This professional-style range tucks into a niche with decorative tile and a rustic lintel. Surrounding the hand-painted designer tiles with white subway tiles helps stretch the budget and allows the decorative tiles to serve as the focal point.

Shining Example

Some decorative tile is all about shimmer, and this iridescent jewel glass tile adds dramatic dimension to a kitchen backsplash. The blue, green, and gold mosaic tiles come together as a swirl of leaves amid a flourish of reflective white tile.

Abstract Thinking

You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a pattern with decorative tiles. This creative backsplash mosaic uses a mix of earthy colors in circles, rectangles, and squares to shape a design reminiscent of an abstract painting. Keen installation skills are required with this type of design (note how some tiles intersect), so plan to budget higher labor costs.

Creative License

Don't be afraid to mix and match decorative tiles that you love to create a unique design. This classic blue-and-white kitchen backsplash combines two patterned tiles with white field tiles, all framed in deep blue liners (narrow strips of tile), to achieve an accent piece behind the cooktop.

Design your own decorative tile pattern on graph paper or work with a tile dealer or designer to create your unique display. You can even lay tiles out on the floor or a work surface to experiment with configurations. In this kitchen, charming and affordable beaded board flanks the decorative tile for a high-impact, modest-budget decorating strategy.

One-of-a-Kind Backsplash Ideas

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