Installing Tile

Follow these step-by-step instructions for laying out and installing tile on floors and walls. Learn how to tile a kitchen backsplash yourself in a weekend and see how using tile in your bathroom can give the room a new look. Follow our tips for laying a tile floor to ensure the results are top-notch. Follow our how-tos for repairing chipped or cracked tile flooring. Whether you want to patch up existing tile or replace it altogether, we have advice to help get the job done. We share the differences between tile types: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, hard-bodied tile, terra-cotta tile, cement-bodied tile, quarry tile, and saltillo tile. We also help clear up the technical terms including what it means for tile to be glazed, bisque, cured, extruded, or fired. Read these tile guides before purchasing the materials for your next project. And don't forget about tile maintenance! Whether you have a pro install your tile or do it yourself, you'll want to make sure it stays in top form for years to come. Reference our care and maintenance tips to keep your tile looking great.


More Tiling Ideas & Tips for You
Backsplash Tile

Use this guide for kitchen backsplash materials, trends, and terms.

Revive Tile Grout

Breathe new life into old, grimy grout with paint. Use these tips to refresh your tile.

Tackle Grimy Grout

Want to really get your grout clean? The solution's in your pantry.

Everything in Installing Tile
  • Granite Tile

    Learn the pros and cons of granite tile, plus how to install it.

  • Ceramic and Hard-Bodied Tile

    Certain types of tile have attributes that make them suitable for kitchens and baths, including ceramic and hard-bo...

  • Maintaining Resilient Tile Floors

    Vinyl flooring isn’t the same as it was decades ago. Today’s versions are budget-friendly and more durable, too.

  • Protect Tile Flooring

    Nothing makes a tile floor looks dirtier faster than dingy grout lines. Here’s how to keep yours in good shape.

  • All About Tile Grout

    Far from being an understudy, tile can be an equal player in your floor and wall designs. Here are some must-knows...

  • How to Tile a Bathroom

    With the right tools, you'll learn how to tile a bathroom in five steps.

Cleaning Tile
Bathroom Tile Designs
  • Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

    Tile is a beautiful way to give your shower a fresh look. Browse these design ideas for inspiration.

  • Bathroom Tile Design

    Use tile to transform a plain bathroom into a private retreat. These style-setting baths show how it's done.

  • Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

    Whether you surround a tub with tile or inlay it in a shower, see how to bring color and creativity to your space.

  • Bathroom Tile Ideas

    Unsure which tile to choose? Use these design pointers for tile scale, color, placement, and more!

  • Bathroom Tile

    Use this as your tile guide when choosing tile for your bathroom.

  • Bathroom Subway Tile Ideas

    Browse these classic bathroom subway tile ideas for makeover inspiration.

Kitchen Tile Ideas


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