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Making a Home Coming to a bookstore near you on
September 15: The housekeeping
guide, Making a Home.

Are you a savvy home keeper? How much do you know about organizing, cleaning, or entertaining? Are you setting up your first home? Do you know someone who is? Perhaps you just want to brush up on your etiquette and furniture cleaning know-how.

No matter what your home keeping know-how, we've got the definitive resource for you! Our book, Making a Home: Housekeeping for Real Life, is the 21st-century guide to all things related to your home sweet home. To celebrate the book's release on September 15, BHG.com will be creating 12 terrific quizzes -- to help you measure your home IQ.

You'll see how much you know about linens and laundry, keeping a kitchen, caring for bathroom tiles and entertaining with ease. Need a brush-up on furniture care? Quiz answers will help out, and so will Making a Home.

First, see if you can answer these sneak-preview Making a Home quiz questions. Then, check the next page for tips and tricks from this must-have book.

1) How can you make a homemade leather reconditioner? a) Try mayonnaise -- great on roast beef sandwiches and sofas. b) Add a teaspoon of ammonia and 4 teaspoons of white vinegar to 2 cups of water. c) Mix two tablespoons of mineral oil in one-half cup of white vinegar. d) Stir a few drops of non-chlorine bleach into a tablespoon of castor oil.

2) Traditionally, how should men and women take their seats in a restaurant or at a dinner party? a) Men remain standing until women are seated. b) Women and men take turns one-by-one; first a woman sits, then a man. c) Everyone stands and waits for the host to be seated. Then, all sit. d) While a tune is played, guests march around the table and grab a seat when the music stops.

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