Upgrade a Basic Bookcase

Put a personal spin on an off-the-shelf bookcase with these easy DIY makeover ideas.

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Pretty and Practical Garden Bench Ideas

A garden bench is a useful, versatile, and beautiful addition to nearly every type of landscape. Here's how to integrate a bench into your outdoor space for seating, storage, serving, and more.

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Outdoor Oasis Quiz

Whether you dream of sunning by a state-of-the-art pool or strolling through a simple cottage garden, there's an outdoor oasis with your name written all over it. Take this quiz to find out where you really belong.

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TV Armoire Makeover

Your old tube TV may have gone to the curb, but that bulky armoire it used to sit in still has plenty of road miles. Here's how to give the old piece of furniture new life.

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DIY Outdoor and Garden Projects

Sprucing up your outdoor space doesn't need to be a massive undertaking. Use these inspirational small projects -- including painting rocks to hanging new house numbers -- to instantly improve the look of a garden, patio, deck, or backyard.

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No-Fail Curb Appeal Updates (On a Budget)

Be the best home on the block for less. These budget curb appeal updates will show you how.

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Real-Home Makeover: Storage-Packed Home

This 100-year-old Chicago home received a much-needed update that concentrated on adding storage to the home.


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    • Modern Updates

      This 100-year-old Victorian home had limited storage options due to years of wear and tear and several remodeling projects. To give this home the storage space it needed, the interior designer added closets, shelves, cabinets, and double-duty furniture.

    • High Style

      A major challenge for this narrow home was adding storage without losing floor space. A tall closet gave the family a gathering spot for coats, toys, and backpacks without taking up a lot of floor space.

    • Catch-All Space

      A second tall cabinet gives the family plenty of room for coats and shoes near the door. Adding closets to these walls takes advantage of previously unused space. The closet's tall doors also add architectural interest to the family room by drawing the eye up.

    • A Basket Full

      A long storage cabinet along one wall replaces a bulky armoire-style entertainment center. This cabinet adds storage space without taking up a lot of floor space. A mix of reed and wicker baskets in the lower cabinets hold art supplies, books, games, and movies.

    • Island Grooves

      Before, the L-shaped kitchen had limited wall space. Adding an island boosts the kitchen's storage potential, creates another work surface, and preserves the natural flow of the space. To save money the homeowners purchased an off-the-rack island and customized it to fit their needs.

    • Into the Wall

      Shallow floor-to-ceiling shelves built into the wall of the breakfast nook create spaces for storing tableware. Open shelves are a smart storage choice because they serve double duty as display space and storage space.

    • Eye Catcher

      In the living room, twin bookshelves flanking the fireplace fill previously unused wall space. The bookshelves provide plenty of storage space for the family's book collection and create a focal point for the room. The dark finish of the bookshelves and the colorful mosaic tile fireplace surround contrast with the white walls and draw attention to the area.

    • Special Seating

      A new padded bench in the dining area creates a cozy reading area, while the drawers underneath give the area much-needed functionality.

    • Work to Play

      Shelves and drawers below the bookshelves hold dining and entertaining supplies.

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      Work Zone

      The dining area doubles as the home office. Sideboard cabinets open to create a desk, and office supplies are tucked away in special compartments until it's time to work. When the work is done, everything closes and the corner becomes a gathering spot of the family. The computer screen slips into a closed cabinet, and the keyboard pushes under the counter.

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      On a Roll

      Roll-out shelves hold the printer and other office supplies. Being able to access the backs of the shelves increases the storage potential of the area.

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      Office Space

      Large drawers under the bench are the perfect place to organize files and paperwork. The drawers are large enough to hold legal-size hanging files.

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      Behind Closed Doors

      Shelves between the bench and the desk keep office supplies out of sight.

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      Tall Order

      The designer took advantage of unused wall space in the hallway by installing floor-to-ceiling closets. Maximize storage by taking advantage of blank walls, underused corners, and slim strips of floor space by building compact closets or installing shelving.

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      Great Escape

      The bedroom is also packed with lots of storage. The nightstands and space below the bed double the room's storage space.

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      Good Nights

      Rather than using traditional nightstands triple-drawer dressers store clothes and hold books on top.

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