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Staircase Pictures and Inspirational Ideas

Whether a grand spiral staircase or a simple, straight stairway, interior staircases stylishly step up to positively impact how a home feels and functions. Draw inspiration for your staircase from these pictures of detailed and unique staircases.


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    • Grand Ascent

      Visitors know they've arrived when they get a look at a foyer staircase dressed to the nines. Don't miss out on this blank-canvas opportunity for introducing color and pattern near your front door. Deck staircase walls with wallpaper or paint treatments that enhance your home's architecture and/or decorating theme. Lay complementary stair runners that carry the eye toward and up the steps. 

    • Promote Its Presence

      Employ architectural elements, such as arches and substantial molding treatments, to draw attention to an entryway staircase. This staircase's starting step, which is wider and deeper than its ascending counterparts, provides space for a graciously curving rail and a paneled newel post, which in turn amplifies the front stair's interest.

    • Old-World Staircase

      When it comes to staircases, nothing says "Old World" better than balustrades that combine wood and iron. Here, the black ironwork repeats the metal finishes seen in the home's light fixtures and furnishings; the ironwork's scrolled design softens the staircase's straight lines and hard edges and subtly reflects the curvy contours of the home's arched doorways.

    • Consider Every Angle

      This classically appointed staircase optimizes limited foyer space by taking a few unconventional turns. Strategically placed landings allow the staircase to switch directions before its final flight rises to create a vaulted-ceiling doorway opening to the family room. Built-in bookcases stand in as an opposing wall that expands the entry hall's purpose. 

    • Forge Modern Connection

      Streamlined and shipshape silhouettes translate to fashion-forward flights of stairs. Seemingly floating in thin air, these individually mounted steps boast two risers that vary in depth to add hand-carved appeal. Steel and acrylic balustrades and bamboo-embedded acrylic wall panels round out the captivatingly contemporary composition.

    • Keep an Open Mind

      Opt for a cantilevered-style straight or curving staircase instead of one with a supporting wall. You'll gain a highly usable below-stairs alcove that can accommodate everything from a grand piano to a cozy sitting area. This design idea can also be implemented by simply opening up a stairwell wall to grab bonus square footage from beneath the steps to use for installing bookcases, closet organizers, or a compact home office.

    • Staircase Details

      Boost a staircase's charm with easily installed details that make a bold statement. A curving newel treatment created with a volute handrail that ends in a circular curve attracts attention to a staircase's base. A white handrail becomes a decorative flourish when integrated into fluted moldings applied to the gray wall.

    • Spiral Staircase Design

      Circular and spiral staircases are the way to go when space is tight. Think of lighthouses and multi-level lofts and you'll see how these historic architectural elements make perfect sense when viewed through a modern lens. Taking up less floor space at their base, these winding structures can be built from varying materials -- including polished teak, wrought iron, and tubular steel -- to suit every decorating style. 

    • Accentuate the Positive

      Consider how your staircase looks from all sides to create a staircase with overall appeal. Add dimension to a staircase's face by applying wooden embellishments atop or below each step's apron; shop around for cool stair hardware, such as iron, bronze, brass, pewter, or chrome stair rods with pretty brackets and finials, decorative runner holds, and triangular dust corners that prevent dust from piling up where treads and risers meet.

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      Master the Blend

      If you like understated interiors that soothe rather than excite, you'll love staircases that tread lightly into view. Keep the serene scene noteworthy by designing a staircase that plays off the colors of surrounding flooring and furniture but that takes it up a notch with duo-tone stair treads and an iron railing featuring a kicky newel treatment and supporting brackets.

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      Double Its Purpose

      A back stair takes on added importance thanks to acrylic paneled balustrades that rise as see-through walls. One set of panels protects descending and ascending travelers and the countertop below from inadvertent foot slips. It also keeps the countertop free of dirt falling from incoming shoes. The second panel defines the staircase while creating a nook for a cushioned built-in seat.

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      Finely Finished

      Arrange cushioned benches, capacious trunks, console tables, antique mirrors, and/or coat trees near your stairway to supply seating for taking off boots, displaying collections, checking your appearance on your way out, and hanging outerwear on your way in. Style-apt pieces personalize an entry and convey a sense of comfort that makes guests feel welcome.

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