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Take a look at these 15 wow-worthy interior doors, and open up to new ideas and styles for your home.

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Solid Wood Flooring in kitchen
Pocket Doors for Small Spaces

    Pocket doors are the perfect solution for small-space rooms. Since they don't open into any room, they don't need any clearance to open and close. A single pocket door with glass panels allows a laundry room and kitchen to share light while creating separation to preserve cleanliness and organization.

Paned-Glass Pocket Doors

    Pocket doors also conveniently disappear when you don't need them. This paned-glass interior door mimics the home's exterior windows. Leading from the living room, the pocket doors open on to an airy sunroom with casual dining and sitting space.

Arch-Top Interior Doors

    Arch-top French doors offer an elegant introduction into any room of the house. Simple trim and graceful curves signal a flair for vintage character.

Asian-Inspired Sliding Doors

    French doors aren't the only light-sharing solution for interior spaces. Reminiscent of shoji screens, these sliding doors with wooden windowlike panes blend perfectly with the modern cabinetry in this kitchen.

Wooden Door with Metal Detail

    A sturdy wooden interior door features an elaborate metal grill insert that allows light to stream from room to room. Here, metal inserts transmit light, and add a decorative touch, without sacrificing privacy between the bathroom and bedroom in this master suite.

Sliding Barn Door

    This door pulls double duty as a wall. A white-paneled sliding barn door functions perfectly in this small master bedroom, separating the bedroom from the master bath. The white door is hung on barn-door rollers, making it easy to slide open and closed.

Hidden Pantry Doors

    These dining room doors open up to a butler's pantry. But when they're closed, the tall double doors blend right in with the walls of the dining room. This visual trick essentially hides the doors, allowing them to integrate into the surroundings.

Slide-Open Convenience

    This wooden door, suspended from a barn-style track, creates a sliding entryway between the formal dining room and kitchen. The door is inset with beaded board, which suits the flavor of the entire house. Black hardware and hinges add visual interest.

Wing-Wall Door

    When closed, this master bathroom door appears to simply be a wall. This modern approach to an interior door creates a seamless look for the architecturally modern bath.

Frosted-Glass Pantry Door

    A frosted-glass door with a wood frame opens up into a walk-in pantry. The glass door minimizes the view into the pantry, so supplies are right at hand but out of sight.

Glass French Doors

    Like windows, doors are a key part of any wall's composition. Here, beautiful French doors separate the living room from a large foyer, while still letting light flow freely between rooms. Incorporating a pair of French doors into a living space allows you to add a little old-fashioned charm.

Double Pocket Doors

    Traditional pocket doors are both beautiful and functional. Here, painted wooden doors provide instant privacy when pulled closed and a barrier-free entryway when slid into the walls.

Chic Built-In Doors

    Interior doors create an illusion of space beyond, even when they just open up to a china cabinet. Doors like these are the perfect way to conceal storage and to trick guests into thinking a space is larger.

Ribbed-Glass Door

    A ribbed-glass pane adds texture to a wooden pocket door frame. The horizontal pattern in the glass allows light to pass, while the view from both sides is distorted. Although this interior door leads to a pantry, the door gives the illusion of a bigger space beyond.

Industrial-Inspired Sliding Door

    A custom-made glass-and-steel door is the perfect portal for this contemporary home. Hung on barn tracking, the sliding-glass door becomes a decorative element on the wall when open. When closed, it offers privacy from the adjoining room while still allowing light to stream in. And because barn-track doors don't swing open like a regular door, they're great space savers.

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